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AktiviX:AktiviX_II#Sunday afternoon 1-3pm - London Indymedia workshop at AktiviX:AktiviX_II on diy media labs with a focus on the planned media lab at the ESF in London in October.

Some idea from irc:

23:07 <@ionnek> we have the camden center on friday. idea is to do things 
                aroundsurveillance, community media, ip/creative commons.
23:07 <@ionnek> and for the evening, some migration groupsfrom brussels want to 
                do something with visuals.
23:08 <@ionnek> but this friday thing could be something that could be developed 
                further on the new list.

A new IMC list has been applied for and it will be here when it's up and running:


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