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Should there be a film screening at AktiviX II?

If there is time and energy left it would be nice to watch a film Saturday night. The film should of course have some sort of relevance to the general plan of AktiviX. Make suggestions below and comments to the suggestions as well.

Suggestion for films, if there is a projector available and time to watch it...

  • "DOGS RUN FREE - The political construction of Europe is also a construction to divide us...”
    • A 33 min's analytical glance over the building of Fortress Europe through migration management, regulation, and control. The focus of the film is on the economic demands for and consequent exploitation of people from outside the promised land, who are imported as goods, treated as statistics, and rejected if they come 'independently'. It is told both from within and without. From within the spokesperson of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), who in the credits is labelled as ('the bad guy'), tells the story of how the IOM provides “suitable candidates for the labour market”, while the victims of that system, those who are without, and the European network of political activists who organise around the issue of migration try to highlight the shortcomings of what is essentially a racist system. Do you care about who is picking your strawberries? Shot in Sevilla (church and university occupations), 2002; the Strasbourg No Border Camp, 2002; and around the G8 in Geneva 2003, including Indymedia footage from the monstrous police raid of the convergence centre, the Genevan Social Centre l'Usine. First public screening was at the www.Oekonux-conference.org in Vienna, May 2004.
  • Your suggestion for a screening here!

Or should we rather not watch a film after a days of technology, but turn the compost or something healthy?

What are your views?