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You have been invited to use the Aktivix.org OwnCloud installation

What you can use it for

1. Online backup and storage


   - Backup your browser history and bookmarks with mozilla sync
       "Some links to howto"
   - Backup your mobile phone photos automatically
        "Some links to howto"
   - Adding the owncloud client to your PC and syncing documents in it.
       " some links to howto

2. Collaboration and community

  - Sharing files between aktivix users
  - Sharing calendars between aktivix users
  - Sharing files with 3rd parties
       - Password protected
       - Time limited
   " Some links to howto"

3. Mobile access to data

  - Installing the Owncloud client from FDroid
  - Configuring it and using it

Aktivix.org is a community self managed communications project. By using aktivix.org services you don't GCHQ, FBI, NSA access to your data. You dont give commercial companies access to your social networks and browsing history. If it breaks we give no warranty, except we hope you enjoyed it whilst it was there!