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This is a page for all the information about Lancaster relevant to the tourtoise to be added.

At present this consists of the list of criteria for places, the answers to those questions will be here soon, and then a detailed itenerary of venues, contacts and other useful stuff like every cake ingredients' gps location...



1. Are there people living in this location from a wide range of different backgrounds?



2. Are there likely to be people who would be interested in what we have to offer?

Community activities we could link up with

oops - this is Lancaster, California - { there appears to be this thing called Community Classes see: for more details}

Youth and Childrens Groups in Lancaster

Lancaster Woodcraft Folk: (not contacted yet) email contact: tel:07725010091

Home Education contact for Lancaster Area: (not contacted yet) email:

Lancaster Youth Arts Centre: (@ the duke?) Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QE tel: 01524 64857‎ (not contacted yet) theatre based activities

Lancashire Association of Clubs For Young People:1 Meeting House Lane,Lancaster, LA1 1TQ, tel:01524 65106 (not contacted yet)

Skerton Youth & Community Centre:Slyne Road,Lancaster,LA1 2JH. Tel:01524 380818 (not contacted yet)

3. What activist groups are active in the area?

Lancaster Climate Action Group (contacted - the group is small and two members will be away on those dates , but we have access to all its materials and hopefully the other members will be able to help - maybe bringing a stall to the community events, helping with the food day and with film nights)

Carnival of Culture Against the corporate takeover of Lancster (contacted some people, but will contact formally the whole group in th next meeting and through the list asap)

Website: Blog:

Lancaster guardian coverage of their last action: Indymedia coverage:

Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe Against the heysham M6 link road (to be contacted).

Dynamo Local cycling campaign

More to come.

4. Are people all ready providing the activities / analysis we have to offer?

Council led / non activist bike activity and promotion

Celebrating Cycling council led

5. Is there cycle training available?

6. Are many cycle routes evident ?

7. What percentage of people cycle / journeys are made by bike and how are the council aiming to improve this? (council website)

8. Is there a bike it officer in this town? Yes!Very nice!

9. Is there a well functioning social centre? There is a community centre, the gregson, but not an activist type social centre.

10. Are there vacant shop fronts or other suitable buildings?

Website with an empty shop map and photos (as of sept 2002):

Empty property officer:(not contacted yet) Micheal Dagger: 01524 586813 Empty Property officer, health & Strategic housing Services, Lancaster City Council, 56/58 Euston Rd, Morcambe, LA4 5DG.

11. What possible venues are there? For each venue consider how well it could provide space for - Places Venue

Gregson Community Centre (contacted) We've book the hall for a party on the Friday night.

Possibility of using the cinema (25 people) and the hall on tues/wed/thurs.

The Dukes Cinema

Friend's meeting House (contacted) Lovely building, lovely kitchen, lovely gardens.

The Basement(Available to use) Activist resource centre - under Single Step co-op.

Town Library (contacted) We can have a display for two weeks and hold one or two evening events.

Marsh Community Centre

Firbank Community Centre

a) sleeping? We are making enquiries..

b) cooking? Freind's meetig House (contacted)

c) workshops and creativity? Friend's meeting House, Gregson, Basement (contacted)

d) film nights? The Dukes, Friend's Meeting House (contacted), Gregson?

e) bike mechanics?

12. What is the surrounding countryside like for riding bikes? Amazingly beautiful :)

13. Any other info? We can get food from Single Step Co-op -

There are two vegan organic farms in the surroundings (Info to be found). "Organic Box Scheme in the North West. Our goal is to supply quality organic food: vegetables, fruit and groceries at fair prices."

Sam Smiths pub in Morecambe