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Clearer Channel.

   Clearer Channel Project Description.

Currently Video on Web, and hand-to-hand Cdrom and DVD distribution is a valuable source of content for community screenings, activist meetings, displays, workshops etc.

   Cost has been the barrier to wide scale distribution.
   However on-line distribution makes a larger scale distribution project possible. 

Technically the tools are already in place.

There are websites which showcase activist and independent film and it is possible to upload large films to the Indymedia servers. However there is a lack of a comprehensive, well ordered and up-to-date Video database.

The Clearer channel web project will make the situation better in the short term by,

  • Continuing the development of a imc-uk-video screenings database using the database Indymedia European Newsreal contents as a base. We will also continue to foster a community to update it.
  • Giving such database tools different “front ends” or “channels”. In this way video activists and collectives like Undercurrents and Camcorder Guerrillas will have a showcase of their own work, whilst feeding into a wider database.
  • Finding out where screeners are getting their films. Contacting these sources to raise awareness of the clearer channel database. Encouraging them to release their work for screening under creative commons licence.
  • Presenting this mapping exercise of current sources of good video activist and generally useful content via the clearer channel website.
  • Holding training events / media events. To skill share, and swap films, broaden the scope of collaboration in the field of distribution and help evolve a longer term strategy.
  • Getting press attention to the clearer channel resource and hence those video collectives we feel are deserving of more attention. This press work will focus on
    The unique and independent nature of the video content and it's value as a resource.
    Media Rss feed capability – Buzz word “Video Podcasting” and "Vodkasting"
    Training resources to promote a Do it Yourself Media Culture.
    The project as a fruit of Indymedia as a global network of resistance.

Details of one of the first networking and training events that this project is involved with are here video activist exchange

And the timescale for the project is here clearer channel timescale