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January -

  • work on help files for viewing and encoding video files (z to be/play idiot to ensure clarity by testing)
  • plan exchange event (z to help from research/finance perspective)
  • clean up links to old files on entries to database
  • increase knowledge and participation of project for existing activist video networks (z to help by announcing project at rampart weekend)
  • plan funding strategy to cover costs of promotion

February -

  • exchange event planning and swapping of info and video files
  • planning for better collaboration between screeners in getting and screening videos, putting on events, promotional materials
  • plan some kind of strategy to get press coverage, and other ways of increasing use of the video files, profile of the video groups and projects involved. (z to help as collaboration with press strategy for

March -

  • More press work
  • On going evaluation: Work out what tactics are working and try to get more people accessing and downloading activist video content and re-screening it at public screenings.
  • Work out the best way for those interested to feed into this community, is is the imc-uk-video list?
  • Print materials for promotion

April -

  • keep distributing printed materials
  • get stuff ready for summer screenings.