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If you are coming to the event you say so here

This will

  • make it easy to see who's coming
  • make it easier to manage sleeping / food and stuff

User:Bone idol

  • I'm a Sheffield resident, and I'll try to help however I can


  • I live in Sheffield.


  • I'm coming
  • need floorspace and if you're sorting food, vegan pls :-)


  • decided no longer to go to aktivix weekend, a pity as would have been good to be there.


  • I'll try to help however I can
  • Might need place to sleep
    • Damn, I cannot come - will have to be elsewhere..


  • I'm coming
  • Hopeflly doing a talk about open source hardware


  • Sadly I don't think I can make the weekend now  :(

I wish you all the best and know that you will have a great time - I would've very much liked to have had the opportunity to meet and talk with other folk in the flesh - however hopefully another time soon.

in the meantime people might like to take a look at to see some recent stuff we did in Edinburgh for Software Freedom Day.


  • I hope to come from London
  • I do mind smokers; a safe floor is enough for me.


  • I'm a total beginner with Linux, so I'm coming to learn as much as I can.
  • I will need a place to crash, and I'm not too fond of vegan food, so I can self cater (Biological reasons, 'nuff said). Also, I am a smoker.


  • I hope to come from London
  • I need a safe floor space, do mind smokers, veggie food


  • I think I'm coming there, not sure yet. I'm from Finland. I really know nothing about computers but I'm eager to learn :)
  • I need a place to sleep and vegan food, I do mind smokers.


  • I'm definitely coming (from Ipswich), not sure yet where going to stay, but can stay awake for a couple of days provided something interesting to learn:)
  • eating everything.


  • i'm almost certainly coming (from Cambridge - a lift would be very much appreciated if possible)
  • will need a place to crash. non-smoker, but don't mind smokers
  • food would be great if it's being sorted - vegan, please!


  • also almost certainly coming - know next to nothing about computers, been raised on a 100% microsoft diet.
  • would need a bit of floor to crash on. wouldn't say no to any vegan food (thanks!). non-smoker.


  • I live in Sheffield and have camper van with four comfortable beds in.


  • I'm hoping to make my way up from Peterborough.
  • If pos, a bit of floor and some vegab grub would be great! Non smoker.
  • Now unfortunately no longer able to make it, my apologies for the short notice. However, I remain very interested so I would like to get in touch with the people involved in this at some point if possible.


  • hoping to come (from oxford), some floor space would be grand
  • know a bit about linux security/cryptography especially PKI (X.509)


not comeing but have a nice end of terrece sqaut round the corner from r7 being used for a party next few weeks storeing of me own tat.. myself liveing in the woods ie bender.. can give a set of keys to r7 for access.. all i ask respect the space.. good info on sqauts might be of use for at least one person there as ill be eleswhere etc.. e mail back no food.. but good cafes/eating places ie kashmiear on spital hill round the corner from the spectram.. likewise the wicker just down the hill from the spectram.. the sqaut is just 10 min if not stoned 15 min if stoned.. up a steep hill though.. drop an e mail to r7 with location etc..


  • also coming up from oxford, floorspace and kev food would be great
  • work doing sysadmin, tech support, and [bits of random] development on linux (and win32)

Sheffield bod - I want to come as a layperson, to see if the land of open source is somewhere I could travel to.

There's at least two other really biggo things I want to yatter to people about, as well as learning what I can:

For a number of years, I've been harbouring a desire to set up a 'centre' in Sheffield, working title of SHARE - Sheffield Active Research Centre.

1. ICT - and especially social uses of - is vital to the DNA of that vision. Which some people might think is odd, given that I haven't programmed since my Atari ST blew up in 1990.)

2. The next share issue of the company I work for will release some funds for centre development: this one will go into a big pot for the directors to mull over. Which is to say, this is a centre that could actually happen - but not until way into 2006. So we could start planning now!

3. It could become, amongst other things, a hub of ICT radical activity and a key developer of social ICT goods - for free. I'll explain more later...!


  • coming from london but only for sunday as will be at defy ID gathering on saturday (though will arrive sat night and no need accomodation then)
  • coming to work on media centres / media labs re autonomous ESF for sunday afternoon session
  • may need crash space sunday night


  • showing off how to turn old pc's into ipcop firewalls
  • newly local resident (well - nearly moved into new house)
  • can offer crash/wash/eat/hang space but we're knocking the house about a bit at the moment but it still has all facilities apart from computers or net connection.
  • offline til friday - aland has me mobile number if need be. Looking forward to it!


  • sheffield resident putting up two bods
  • hoping to show some films and maybe do some streaming media
  • helping out on a number of levels