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IMC York original Drupal Installation

Since altered and upgraded see notes elsewhere


Using Drupal 4.7.x with the following patches:

To remove IP logging the address is removed from the PHP variable right at the start in includes/



Patched to mend the anonymity problem. This patch now included in current module


Patched to make ending times clearly optional this is a wish of the event.module developers, but I think they may do it a different way.

Patched to make hidden stories not selected for display in calender, upcoming events block etc. PATCH FILE TO BE CREATED all it does is change the sql query example:

  // add removal of hiddens INNER JOIN {term_node} t ON t.nid = n.nid // AND t.tid NOT IN (2, 4, 5)
  $result = db_query(db_rewrite_sql("SELECT n.nid, n.title, n.type, n.status, n.moderate, e.event_start FROM {node} n INNER JOIN {event} e ON n.nid = e.nid INNER JOIN {term_node} t ON t.nid = n.nid WHERE n.status = 1 AND n.moderate = 0 AND e.event_start >= %d AND t.tid NOT IN (2, 4, 5) ORDER BY event_start"), $time);

TODO: To make the hidden topics a drupal variable not hard coded cf. theme hiddens This would be solved using node hook_access into a custom module (rather than hacking modules and themes).

The event module is attached to stories as well as flexinode-1 events type. This allows the calendar to show reports on events as well as their announcement, and allows for easy finding of reports by the date they happened (rather than the date they were reported).


Patched to solve a gripe about the misuse of the <label> tag outside of a form.

Only one flexinode content type created, for event announcements.


Patched to mend the anonymity problem. This patch now included in current module



A custom module made to make a block for the cities list. FEATURE-REQUEST: make it call up the xml version and offer alternative block styles?



Patched to stop img_assist tags showing up it the teaser

This is used to create the newswire, by making a block with everything in that topic.