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Meeting contact list

Volunteer to contact groups you know, or have affinity to! Or if no one is volunteering... of course there is no harm in more than one person inviting/talking to members of groups! Ask on the list if you want help on contact details, people may have them.

Can this be put into categories? - Graham

Contact List
group volunteer Contacted Website
Castle Area Campaign DAVE Yes
Friends of New Walk DAVE Yes
People & Planet (student society) DAVE Email
Save Our Barbican DAVE Yes -
York Civic Trust DAVE Yes
York Sport & Leisure Campign DAVE Yes -
York Tomorrow DAVE Yes Yes
Discus Bungalow Development Association DAVE Yes -
York TV DAVE Yes
Friends of St. Nicholas Fields Richard? -
YRAIN (York Residents Against INcineration) Richard? -
Battle of Fulford - -
Friends of Fulford Tracy yes(email)
Friends of Fenby Field - -
Palestine Solidarity Campaign AndyC yes
Unison York City Branch Kester -
York Against The War rasputin -
York Cycle Campaign tracy yes(email)
York Natural Environment Trust - -
York No2ID Campaign Kester yes -
York Open Planning Forum Dave Yes
York Racial Equality Network - - -
York Recycling Network (Freecycle) Kester -
York Rotters - - -
York Unite Against Fascism Kester -
Low Moor Allotments Community Kids' Allotment, Low Moor Allotments Kathryn?
York Tree Warden Group Kathryn? -
The Campaign for Real Education Kester -
WEA Kester - -
Bootham & Clifton out and about Kathryn? - -
Unison retired members assoc Kathryn? - -
York co-op group-meetings/opening times Kathryn? - -
Muncaster residents assoc Kathryn? -
North Yorks humanist group Kathryn? - -
YOWLA Kathryn? - -
ActionAid - - -
Amnesty International Tracy yes
Arc Light Tracy yes
Christian Aid Action Group Graham - -
traveller's trust Kester -
xpress york (community radio) - -
world development movement - - -
york natural environment trust - -
Greenpeace group rasputin yes
SHAC (animal rights group) rasputin? - -
Peasholme Kester - -
Freesoc (Uni Soc) - - -
PLANET (anti-quarry group near selby) rasputin