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Minutes IRC meeting 19 Sep 06 8-9.30pm approx.


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8 September: ImcUk8Sept2006







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Tues 26th at 8pm again

Complete Logs

   <shiar> hi
   <shiar> i have to go in a bit, so i won't make it for the meeting :(
   <shiar> can someone please pass on this proposal for me...
   <zak> that's a shame :( hopefully we can make some progress though
   <zak> yep, no problem
   <shiar> yeah :( it's to do with internet aceess
   <shiar> i'd like to see a 'political workshop' at the meeting. this would involve: the 9/11 and 7/7 discussions; the anti-semitic/criticism of israel discussion and anything else you can think of
   <shiar> good luck and hope more people would take part
   <shiar> see you later
   |<-- shiar has left (Quit: Leaving)


   * zak wonders who else is here to talk about the network meeting... anyone?
   * ftp raises hand
   <ftp> chrisc said he might be late
   <ftp> gdm too i think
   * Genny - off to have a real cup of peppermint tea now - beats the virtual tea any day - and i'll be back in a few minutes :o)
   <ionnek> Zak - what would you think, whats the agenda?
   <zak> shiar was here earlier, said he couldn't make it but had a point to feed in under programme/agenda
   <zak> hmmm i'm not sure we have one yet
   * zak looks at wiki
   <ionnek> maybe fixing the network meeting?
   <zak> i think venue and date are the main things to be fixed at this point
   <zak> the agenda still needs fleshing out, but there is a skeleton of one there
   <ionnek> can u paste it? or is it in the url in the topic?
   <zak> that's the most up to date one
   <zak> there's also
   <zak> but i'm not sure if much has been added to that since docs came back
   <zak> (which is why we were working on the other one)
   <ionnek> hm - i wonder if this is the agenda for the nw meeting or for this mtg here?
   <zak> I don't think there is an agenda for this meeting yet :) That's where the one for the network meeting itself is being worked on
   <ionnek> I would like to talk about times for the network meeting, because I need to book a flight fairly soon if I want to participate.
   * zak realises he was being ambiguous above about which agenda -- sorry
   <ionnek> And it would be interesting to talk about the server proposals.
   <zak> i agree -- and others may need to get the weekend off work etc
   <ionnek> yeah - i already booked a trip to the UK for the 7th of Oct cause of the network mtg plans...
   <ionnek> stuart commonplace says mid-november:
   <zak> well i got the impression it could be before then as well -- but at this point early Oct is probably too soon to get people together... it doesn't feel like there's been a lot of momentum behind this so far
   <zak> but it looks like leeds is definitely on as far as venue is concerned, which is one point sorted
   <ftp> in mid-november?
   <ionnek> They asked in that mail if we could help them set up computers
   <zak> ... which i'm sure a few of us might be able to, but we probably don't want to be doing that at the same time as having a network meeting :)
   * ionnek wonders how to find out when most imc uk pp would come to a network meeting
   <ionnek> maybe just before?
   <zak> we could put a list of possible dates on the network list, with maybe a 1-week deadline for responses from collectives and/or individuals as to which are good for them, then see what looks best?
   <Genny> what goes on at network meetings?
   <zak> ionnek: just before you left...... we could put a list of possible dates on the network list, with maybe a 1-week deadline for responses from collectives and/or individuals as to which are good for them, then see what looks best?
   <ionnek> sounds good
   <ionnek> and check with stuart what suits them / i wrote him a mail today to invite him for here
   <zak> mid-november sounds reasonable though at this point for giving people enough notice
   <zak> i guess we're talking one of 11/12, 18/19 or 25/26 nov really?
   <ionnek> looks like.
   <ionnek> hm, should we ask Stuart how the commonplace feels about the first nov weekend_
   <ionnek> ?
   <zak> you mean 3/4? yeah we might as well
   <zak> (4/5 rather)
   <ionnek> i just feel / this meeting has been put off so many times, it should happen soon. And if only few people come, well, then it can be used to immediately plan the next one.
   * zak thinks it was first proposed for january...
   <ionnek> what else needs to be put in the email to imc/uk/process and the leeds people?
   <zak> we should direct them to what we have of an agenda so far, and encourage them to help expand it
   <zak> but getting an agreement on when is by far the most important thing at this stage
   <zak> that will create a deadline for us to get the rest sorted out :)
   <ionnek> expand or organise the agenda.
   * ionnek agrees
   <zak> yeah it still needs plenty of work although a lot of the basic ideas are there
   <ionnek> ehm / do you have time to write this process email?
   <ionnek> or shall we do it now?
   * ionnek cant do it tomorrow
   * zak is happy to do it after this meeting
   <ionnek> cool!!
   <ionnek> hey, offtopic: can you make me and Genny operators?
   =-= Mode #uk +oo Genny ionnek by zak
   <Genny> hang on! I don't know whether I want responsibility so soon!
   * Genny - sighs... too late!
   <ionnek> no worries about responsibilities
   <ionnek> right, this meeting.
   <ionnek> its very quiet.
   <zak> yeah... sorry :)
   <ionnek> not your fault!
   <zak> is there anything else specifically we need to sort out today
   <zak> ?
   <ionnek> maybe add shiars proposal to the agenda
   <zak> yep, there have been a lot of discussions about those issues recently
   <zak> and i think it would be useful for people to talk them over face to face
   <ionnek> we could add links to the draft agenda
   <Genny> if wales is going to have a site within indymedia uk, and we need to be represented at the network meeting, whatever that is, then it's probably best to avoid 11-12 Nov, cos some people may be heading for Scotland that weekend or just after
   <ionnek> and we could put them in some kind of order
   <ionnek> Genny - the network meeting - we try to have have them regularly, but we didnt have one in 2006 yet.
   <zak> you mean links to the various proposals and previous discussions?
   <ionnek> its a chance for all imc uk people from the various collectives and working groups to meet, face to face, drink together, argue, work, learn.
   <ionnek> zak / yes.
   <zak> the earlier draft on the indy wiki (from before it went down) does have some already i think
   <ionnek> tadada
   * zak wonders what we should do now there are two wikis
   <ftp> leave a note on one saying that the updated page is the other?
   <zak> yeah... we should certainly make sure the information is combined. not sure whether to move it all back to docs.indy yet or wait to make sure it isn't about to fall ove again
   <ftp> maybe use aktivix for now :)
   * chrisc is now here
   <zak> chrisc: hi
   <zak> it's a rather quiet meeting here
   <ftp> and over too I believe :)
   <Genny> Sorry, that's me - just trying to work out how to get back to this page at a later date
   <ionnek> zak - i think it would be a good idea to make a link from docs.indy to aktivix and start from scratch.
   <ionnek> and rely on the aktivix one for now.
   <ionnek> hi chrisc
   <ionnek> and ftp
   <ionnek> hows your timetable on weekends in november?
   <zak> i think that's good, although we should keep the lists of discussion links that have been collected on the old wiki
   <ionnek> maybe move them over from the edit view?
   <ftp> november is free 4 me
   <chrisc> me too
   <zak> or maybe put them on a separate page to avoid cluttering the main agenda (some of the lists are quite long)
   <--| Genny has left #uk
   * ionnek is sorry - no energy to do wiki tonight
   <ionnek> I'm gonna have to leave soon. it is late, early day tomorrow.
   <ionnek> maybe one thing i want to say. I believe that as soon as we have a date and a time, the meeting will happen and it will be good. Because the main thing is that we have a chance to talk to each other. And drink. Maybe even dance.
   <ionnek> The decisions will follow from that - i believe.
   <zak> sure... i think we're about done anyway. i'll get an email off to the lists about dates and then we can revisit the wiki another day
   * zak agrees with all that
   <zak> before we finish, shall we set a date for a followup meeting to actually fix the date
   <zak> once we have (hopefully) some responses from people?
   <ionnek> it would be good to make sure that mail speaks to the individual collectives.
   <ionnek> i mean, we know ftp has time, you, me, chrisc...
   <zak> yeah... should we send it to network/process and ask people to forward it to their collectives, or spam them all directly?
   <ionnek> Mazbe we have to ask individuals to say "yes" or "no" on imc-uk-process
   * zak hopes all the collectives have people on both those lists
   <zak> shall we say same time next week to finalise the date?
   <ionnek> yes.