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Generating ideas, May 2007

What are the aims of the project?

Broadening Audiences

  • Bringing spoken word on social and environmental issues to a bigger audience
  • Improving accessibility of existing text
  • Supporting campaign groups
  • Actively engaging the various social movements in making their info/publications more accesible (by alternative formats)
  • Actively supporting people with reading disabilities (visually impaired, dyslexia)
  • Creating an open and welcoming environment for people to get involved
  • Promote the use of creative commons (open licenses) and the use of open source software

What content?

  • Radical content
  • Spoken word of already existing text
  • Social political/environmental
  • Mirroring Indymedia type issues

What kind of text?

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Indymedia Print Outs
  • Campaigning leaflets/flyers
  • Underground zines
  • Papers
  • Manuals/guides
  • Handbooks

Who is it for?

Target Groups

  • Visually impaired or those with other reading disabilities
  • People with mp3 players who listen on their way to work/action/holiday/travels
  • Indymedia users
  • Radio groups searching for content (radioshows could review of talking-book-projects and feature short abstracts on their shows)


Those to read and record

  • Authors (encouraging authors to read from their own work)
  • Campaign groups/activists
  • Indymedia contributors/users
  • People who enjoy reading to others
  • Radio groups (more easily access to studio/recording equipment)

What the project isn't for...

  • No fiction
  • No cookbooks
  • No things totally unrelated to social/ environmental issues
  • Copyrighted material (unless with permission)

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