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Okay, these pages are for collaboration in putting together a free newspaper for the DSEi 2005 protests. The idea is pull together all the text and ideas here before starting layout and final editing. You can see the orginal proposal on the page Print2Paper/DSEi2005/proposal and find out about previous print projects Print2Paper

navigating this wiki can be a pain in the arse. if you get lost, type dsei in the search box on the left.

Note: This is a wiki page and all the pages described above can be edited by anyone. 
To do this you need to register and then login. It is very simply to learn how to use 
the wiki and all previous edits are retained so you can't seriously mess anything up (I hope). 
The address of these pages should not be widely advertised to avoid people trying to mess it 
up but it need not be top secret or anything.


Within the first 24 hours of announcing the project on Indymedia we recieved messages from six people who have volunteered to do distribution in the first week of September. However, since that initial show of interest there has been little further response and now we urgently need more people to come forward to help distribute. If you can help please email or disarm at

So to this page - for further information about distribution. The page is intended to help co-ordinate efforts and prevent duplicated deliveries.

incoming contributions

We are promoting the email address as the place to send contributions of either text or artwork (it's got 2gig tquota so no chance of blocking it up with stupid sized hi-res photos).

Orginal text submissions should then be placed in the Print2Paper/DSEi2005/contributions page.

Stuff trawled from the web should be cut & pasted into Print2Paper/DSEi2005/random which contains seemingly random bits of text that might be useful at some stage but probably won't.

Meanwhile all the images, either orignal submissions or stuff pulled off the web, should be dumped into Print2Paper/DSEi2005/images. It's a slightly complicated process, maybe somebody could write a brief how to. (PDF files can also be uploaded there also).

There is a seperate page for quotes, Print2Paper/DSEi2005/quotes. Add anything you think appropriate.

Other ideas include Print2paper/DSEi2005/ads, Spoof Adverts (military and policy recruitment ads for example)

Print2paper/DSEi2005/horrorscope, a spoof HORROR scope.

draft version

Follow this link (Print2Paper/DSEi2005/contents) for a rough outline of the current planned contents for the paper. It attempts to give an over view of the whole thing with a breakdown of what might go on which page. Feel free to add comments and suggests.

The pre-layout draft (text only obviously) is found on Print2Paper/DSEi2005/draft and at this stage is very rough. It is the stuff in here that will ultimately be taken into a DTP package for final layout and editing.

Text requiring aditional editing down or proofing Print2Paper/DSEi2005/finaledits


We hope to have all the content by next thursday (18th) and then slap together the layout by the 22nd to send to the printers. It should then be ready to collect from the printers shortly after and ready to distribute by the end of the month/begining of September.

We hope to be able to have it available for info stalls on the 27th.

Printing costs and funds

All 8 pages have been sent as PDF to the printers. payment of £920 made for 10,000 copies delivered by the 26th.

We've got to quotes from a person who has organised printing for similar projects in the past at a good price.

The first quote is for 8 page tabloid paper printed in black throughout - 5,000 copies = £550.00 (£30 for each additional 1,000)

The second quote is for the same apart from being full colour of the font and back pages (also included the centre pages as these are part of the same plate). £745 is the cost for 5,000. (£35 for each additional 1,000)

Donations pledged amount to around £780. This included one large donation that should be considered matched funding ie. we should ideally try to find as much again from other sources. It also includes £150 from one campaigning organisation.

Over a dozen 'ethical' companies have been approached with a few to place paid adverts. There have been no replies

Ideally we should have located and approached local businesses in the Canning Town and Custom House area but unless it didn't happen.

The rampART social centre has agreed to host a benefit gig after DSEi to help raise any remaining funds.

We paid £780 in advance (using money loaned from Js and B) enough for 6,000 copies.

Have asked for 10,000 copies which means paying an additional £140 (£920 in total ie. 9.2 pence per paper)

For following amounts need to be gathered up 500 anon 150 ngo 100 paul 30 peacenews 35 Js 35 Jeff


Ideas for title

East London Arms Trader
Eastend Dealers
Eastend Death
The Daily Deal
The Scum
Troubled Times
Blockade Blues
Morning Stun
currently going with Shop & Awe

Add your suggestions or comments about the title or anything else here

or comment to the indymedia threads...