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This page is intended to help co-ordinate efforts in terms of the distribution of the free DSEi paper to areas around Docklands (and beyond). You can register on the wiki to edit the page so that you can say which streets you plan to do or have done. Contact disarm dsei or print2paper to let us know you wish to help out and meet up with others to go door to door together (it's more fun that way).

top tips from those who have been doing it

It takes just under an hour to deliver is unrealistic to lug more than 300 around with you, unless you have a shopping trolley on wheels. top tip, if it's not wet, dump a couple of bundles on the street (in a discreet corner, obviously) and just carry 100 at a time - much quicker and more enjoyable.

The roads marked on the map are actually much more densely populated than you'd think - odd closes aren't marked, so don't be too ambitious! don't wear light clothing, because you will get grubby!

This link goes to a map which might help,0.060176&hl=en (you will need to zoom in one level to read street names)

Target Area

Priority should go to delivery in the areas likely to be most effected by the protests. These are streets south of the A13 (Newham Rd) and east of Canning Town station (Silvertown Way (actually including the parts of Victoria Dock Road that runs north south just west of Silvertown Way)), spreading west potentially as far as Beckton but probably best initially to priortise on streets only as far west as Prince Regents Lane. Victoria Dock Road is probably as far south as it is worth doing but if anyone fancies doing the more affluent areas on the south side of the docks then that would be great too

Progress so far

Where papers can be obtained for delivery

Less than 1,000* papers seem to be remaining for door2door distro as of 9am Sat 10th .

The main bulk, currently less than 700, can be found at the convergence centre, tel 07929 110521

Other places you can collect small numbers from include ;

  • ~200 LARC in whitechapel - 020 73779088 or 07904339807

Best check before you go to collect papers as they seem to be going very quickly.

If you know of any other large stashes, please let us know ASAP. update * apparently somebody took a large number for the street party. will try to find out how many but this could add a thousand or more to those still available.

  • <100 garden cafe (bottom of prince regents road)
  • <100 at freedom bookshop (84 whitechapel road)
  • <100 at 56a Infoshop (near elephant and castle)

status of distro

We are unable to account for the majority of the papers taken from reports people have given us after distribution.

door to door

By the end of Friday 9th something like 4,000 papers appear to have been delivered door to door in canning town / custom house and surrounding areas (as well as a few hundred at the stall last saturday week.) Around 3/4 of the target area seems to have been covered with that number so for future reference perhaps 15,000 copies would appear to be enough for local door to door distribution in that area, plus additional copies for other places or forms of distribution.


At least 100 were taken for distribution by tower hamlets cnd (any contact info?)

The last Critical Mass bike ride (26/08/05) was covered. numbers unknown.


Others went further afield

  • 100 to int. samba meeting in france
  • 100 to cardiff
  • 100 to birmingham

Streets Now Complete

Write which streets you have completed here so they don't get done twice

If you can't access the wiki, please phone or email so that we can keep a list.

inside target area

The target area is below the A13 as these people are most likely to experience inconvenience and confrontaation with protests or police.

  • Jude Street
  • Tarling Rd
  • Abbleby Rd
  • Bowman Ave
  • Munk Dr
  • Pollard Cl
  • Munday Rd
  • Boreham Ave (and all off shoots)
  • Elbury Dr
  • Coolfin Rd
  • Murray Sq
  • Freemasons rd
  • Russell rd
  • Fords Park rd
  • Sara walk
  • Mortlake rd.
  • Leslie Rd
  • Ethel Rd
  • Otley road,
  • Bingley Rd
  • Tree Rd
  • Youngs rd,
  • Wilkinson rd
  • Churchill Rd,
  • Baxter,
  • Hoskins,
  • King George,
  • Alnwick,
  • Felsted,
  • Royal,
  • Leyes,
  • Berging
  • Ruscoe Road,
  • Rogers Road,
  • Thorne Close,
  • Ozolins Way,
  • Cooper Street,
  • Lawrence Street,
  • Tant Avenue,
  • Wren Close,
  • More Close,
  • Killip Close,
  • Ibottson Avenue,
  • Ford Street,
  • Chedworth Close,
  • Wouldham Road,
  • Clarkson Road,
  • Sparke Terrace
  • actually, it's got to the stage where it's easy for me to say what hasn't been done. (see below)

outside of immediate target area

We are almost out of papers so please keep deliverys to target area described above.

  • north of Canning Town

the triangle between manor road, star lane, and ordinance road, down to, but not including north side of barking road.

  • between barking road and newham way:

new barn rd denmark st beckton rd

  • around plaistow:


Streets still to do

This link goes to a map which might help,0.060176&hl=en (you will need to zoom in one level to read street names)

Below are some clusters of roads which you could choose to take on. Please copy them into the section below an put your name to them.

taken this list off now. best phone 07050 618445 or see map with papers at convergence centre.

Areas taken on

Write your name, date and which streets you are planning to do in the immediate future so that nobody else does them before you get there

  • Friday 9th: Everything north of stansfeld road and south of A13 - ie. ridgewell, macgregor, sheewater etc
  • Friday 9th: Colman Road, atkinson rd, lawson, croombs rd, ilkey, burley young rd

Other suggested locations

Write ideas for places or events that non'door to door distribution could be done at.

  • On the evening of the 5th is a public meeting organised by in Stratford.

This meeting would be a good place to ask people to take papers to deliver to their streets. Anyone taking this on? did it happen?

other local places/groups TO DO

bethnal green healthfood shop

don't panic,go organic

spitalfields shops/sunday stalls DONE

CAAT - collecting from larc (how many did they take and where did they go to?)

newham opposition to war and racism - NOWAR

hsg - either via CAAT person or via jyc

other infoshops/social centres to send to - TO DO

leeds manchester oxford edin glasgow/faslane taken on by LARC