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planned outline of content (assuming two tabloid sheets, ie. 8 pages)

front page (1)

intro to DSEi (perhaps include history or continue it as an inside story)

call to action

what to expect

inside front (2,3)

what is planned calendar of events what you can do accomodation information fundraising tolerance legal brief

centre pages (4,5)

background info the arms trade the role of the government the law and activism disarm dsei and other groups (including ELAAF) afinity groups

page six (6)

short critique of the mainstream media (modified from media mogul ate my hamster)

inside back(7)

letters (preferably from locals but how to get them in time to print?) quiz page (around facts and figues re the arms trade)

back page (8)

reports on previous years actions (done as sports pages?) links to videos of previous DSEi whos involved and contacts