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A recreation and update of PA equipment at rampART.

(see also BasicPA for info about setting up and using a PA)

Our Equipment List


Peavey CS-1000 (Broken)

  • 1000 Watts in Bridge Mode into 8 ohms
  • 2x 500w @ 4 ohms
  • 2x 330w @ 8 ohms

Ours is currently broken and unusable, blowing it's fuse every time it is plugged in. I've given it to a tech to look at and he says one side is working and the output transistors need replacing on the other. Alternatively we could disable the blown side and use just the working channel (ie. 500w @ 4ohms). He puts a ballpark figure of £80 on the repair. These amps are worth £100 to £150 s/h when working.

Crown PSA2 (Partially Working)

  • 915 watt mono bridged at 8ohm
  • 460 watts per channel at 4 ohm
  • 275 watts per channel at 8 ohm

This is a really nice amp but one channel is now faulty. Not sure it would be an easy fix as these classic 1970's amps use early micro processors to do clever stuff so might be beyond your average electronics tech.

As is, the amp can still be used with the one working channel, ie. 460 watts mono into two speakers wired in parallel to present 4 ohms.

manufactures pdf

Worth perhaps £150 second hand if 100% working

PRO AUDIO PA 1250 (In Bradford)

Amplifier of unknown make. There is no way to know it's capacity but can estimate it to be at least as powerful as the other two amps, perhaps a little greater.

Making guesses based on the name the specs might be as follows:

  • maybe 1250w bridged into 8 ohms,
  • about 600w per channel at 4 ohm
  • perhaps 400w per channel into 8 ohms.

Paid about £50 for this.

McGregor G8 Stereo Mixer Amp (Usable)

This is an ancient 8 channel mixer amp in poor condition. On the amplifier side, only one output channel is currently working correctly. On the mixer side, many of the pots are very dirty and some inputs don't work at all. Never-the-less it is useful as a mono monitor amp as it is an since it is one of the pre amps not working it could be modified to make use of both output channel thus providing a mono amp with 2x 140 watts into 8 ohms speakers.

  • 200 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms
  • 140 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms

Not worth much in the state it's in and not worth getting repaired repairing.

Alpine V12 MRV1000

This is a powerful car amp, capable of knocking out a good 500 watts true RMS. Needs 12 to 15 volts DC. I have a 16amp 15volt power supply for it which drives it well from mains although obviously it is intended for use off grid running from battery.

  • 2 x 100W to 150W @ 4 ohms
  • 2 x 200W to 300W @ 2 ohms
  • 1 x 400W to 600W @ 4 ohms bridged

Worth ~£80


Soundtracs Topaz S18-4 (New)

This is full working, brand new out of the box. The mixer has:

  • 10 MIC Line inputs
  • 3 Band EQ on each channel
  • Mute on all channels
  • 2 Stereo Inputs
  • 2 Stereo FX returns
  • 2 Auxiliary Sends
  • 4 Mix groups
  • optional mono output

Worth about £100

Peavey RQ200

  • 6 XLR low Z mic inputs
  • 4 stereo line inputs.
  • 2 band EQ only on each channel
  • Monitor and Effect send on each channel

Can be used with batteries or plugged into the wall. The outputs on are both 1/4 in. and mini stereo, which is great for plugging the mixer into a video camera or computer. The right channel on the stereo input number 6 is not working for some reason but doesn't seriously effect it's utility as long as you are aware of the issue.

Worth between £60 and £90

Mackie VLZ PRO (Faulty)

Badly in need of repair. It could be a really nice mixer for live work but many channels are fucked, and intermittent problems make it really crap to use. I've opening it up and there are soot marks from components burning in the PSU but i doubt that explains the problems. These mixers are known for problems with the ribbon cables that connect each board and a renowned for being shit to repair.

Worth well over £100 if it worked 100%

RAM Mixer (missing)

This big old mixer appears to be missing. It works mostly but can be temperamental so if far from ideal for live events. Last seen in the back of the radio room but can't see it there now.


Carlsbro Delta 12/300 (new)

Pair of Carlsbro Delta 12/300 12" driver + 1" Compression Driver. Nice powerful sensitive speakers, relatively small and portable for their capacity.

  • Power Handling ~ Continuous : 300W
  • Impedance (nominal) : 8 Ohm
  • Crossover Frequency : 3.5Khz
  • SPL (1w - 1m) Max SPL : 94/118dB
  • 54cm x 39cm x 28cm 20kg each

Note: Got some speaker stands that should work well with these.

Cost us £150 for the pair, new price £300.

Ohm Series (repaired)

  • 2x RW3 15/300w 8 ohm full range

(speakers replaced with JBL 600 watt drivers)


  • 2x RWS 15/300w 8 ohm bass bins

(speakers replaced with shit car bass woofers that make farting noises.)

Cost new about £400 per pair. (dealer info)

Home made monitor wedges (unfinished)

  • 12" 8hms ~200 watt RMS i think
  • 15" unloaded unfinished cabinet

Effects / Signal Processing / Other


Yamaha SPX 90 (broken)

Classic Yamaha FX unit with reverb, delay, compress etc.



Currently not working but it's just the internal battery needs replacing.

Worth ~ £70

Active Cross Over (missing)

We've not need to use it since the Peavey amp died and we stopped using a bi-amped system. Would be good to locate it again. Last seen in the radio room.

3 band mon or 2 band stereo?

Worth £40

Graphic EQ

Phonic PEQ-3300

Mono 31 Band Equalizer

Worth £40

Behringer Ultragraph FBQ 3102 (in kent)

Dual channel 31 band EQ with feedback detection. That is Feedback Detection NOT Feedback Elimination - you have to manually adjust the frequencies that are giving the feedback.

While it could be used stereo, we'll probably use one side as front of house and the other for monitors.

It can also functions as a active crossover with a mono sub out.

Woth £60

Sideman SM-3 PARA Q

Got this off ebay for the mobile system. It is a small parametric equaliser that runs on 12 volts or even a 9v battery.

  • DC In 9-15V
  • 1/4 jack input & output
  • In/Out bypass switch
  • Input level adjuster,
  • Low freq and gain dials
  • Mid freq and gain dials
  • Hi freq (10K+) gain dial

No idea what it's worth, paid under £10

Compressors & Limters

Behringer Compressor

A stereo/dual mono compressor and limiter with a stereo gate. We use one channel only as a limiter to protect speakers from overload.

Worth about £40 s/h.

TOA L-1102 Limiter

Professional high quality dual leveler/limiter. Protects the speakers from feedback or having an amp peaking outside its capability by acting either a stereo leveller or limiter. Alternatively the two channels can be used independently to provide both a leveller and limiter for a mono system.

a review, Manufactures info , spec sheet pdf, manual

Suggested retail price £577 but available in some shops at just £485 ;-)

Boss Compressor Limiter

Bought for setting up mobile/12volt PA - the RCL-10 Compressor/Limiter is a dynamics processor integrating the functions of a compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate into its compact dimensions.

Worth about £20


  • x3 Shure SM58. (Worth £45 each s/h, £85 new)
  • x5 T'bones dynamic mics (Cost about £25 for a set of three)
  • at least 2 other mics

(should be several more including two radio mics somewhere (bicycology have one))

Berhinger Dual DI Box

Possible Configurations

Quick Small PA

~200 watts

  • Carlsbro speakers (in parallel presenting 4 ohms)
  • McGregor G8 Amp (right channel only)

Medium sized PA

~460 watts mono

  • Peavey mini mixer
  • 31 band EQ
  • Berhinger Limiter
  • Crown amplifier using one channel (CH1)
  • Carlsbro speakers (wired in parallel for 4 ohms)

Large PA

~ 800 watts stereo

  • Topaz mixer
  • 31 band EQ
  • TAO Limiter
  • ProSound PA1250 amplifier
  • Ohm full range speakers

Full PA with monitor system

Front of house

~ 1500 watts bi amped (need crossover)

  • Topaz 10 channel mixer
  • Yamaha effects unit
  • Berhinger 31 band EQ, with sub out
  • TAO Limiter
  • ProSound PA1250 amplifier bridged mono
  • Ohm full range speakers
  • Crown amplifier using one channel
  • Ohm bass bins

Fold back monitor

~ 200 watts mono

  • Berhinger 31 band EQ
  • McGregor amplifier (right channel)
  • Carlsbro speakers (wired 4ohm)

Portable PA

~500w mono

This system could be run from 12v or mains using 12v PSU

  • Peavey mini mixer (if such a mixer is needed)
  • Boss compressor/limiter (optional)
  • Sideman Para Q (optional)
  • Alpine V12 MRV1000 car amp, bridged mono
  • Carlsbro speakers WIRED (in series) AS 4 OHM