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Digital Media Skill Share Mac Lab !

It's time to hold the promised follow up from the video activism gathering... a Mac orientated workshop intended solely for the Mac users to share skill, demonstrate techniques plus recommend and share Mac software.

  • cool things you can do with Quicktime Pro and why you should have it rather than the standard Quicktime
  • how to get the Save as AVI component for Quicktime
  • how to add support for Microsoft WMV files to Quicktime
  • other Quicktime Components - show and take
  • iMovie2 and why it's actually pretty good and useful and probably all you really need
  • Final Cut Pro and why you never want to bother with iMovie again
  • Avid, having it! or stick to FCP?
  • how to edit DVD using MPEGstreamclip to convert it into something your editing program likes
  • After Effects, do we need them?
  • Compressor tips and tricks, or look else where?
  • any one tried Cleaner - anyone want to?
  • all about ffmpegX and why it's the best thing since sliced bread
  • sizzle, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro
  • VideoLAN VLC, more than just an essential video player
  • MPlayerOSX, double trouble but another essential?
  • audio mixing and conversions, how are you doing it?
  • Garage Band, any use to us?

Add to the list whatever you like.

So that's sunday 11th from 2pm in the hMacklab at the rampART 15 rampart street.

This is a proposed date and will be changed if to many people can't make it.

email real2reel at riseup dot net

Mac OSX video activism documentation

You might be interested in some documentation on for the IVDN help pages - They include a page specifically about Mac software -

Be good to update it with any notes that come out of the skills share event.