Agenda for Rampart meeting 12-16th Dec 2007

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'''RampArt Meeting 12th-16th December'''

Wednesday 12th People Arrive, sort space: food etc

Thursday 13th

AM - Look at bike space and decide what to do with it Check plans for the weekend Film Night prep. Practical and Theoretical (new ways of presenting) / Bike space stuff

PM - Film Night

Friday 14th AM - Bike space stuff / Bike maintenance workshop

Saturday 15th AM - Facilitation Techniques check

Internal Issues - Theory, Structure, Funding, Direction/Purpose: Develop Car Culture critique & radical cycling viewpoint, further work on specific issues (eg. Food), Guide (Book?), Research into what we oppose

LUNCHTIME: Possibly food not bombs event...?

PM - Travel Pool

Event based stuff: Tours, Static events, Spectacles, Protests/Action


Sunday 16th

AM - Our dealings with other groups and networks: Other cycling groups, Other activist groups, Community groups, Companies, Governmental Institutions (Facilitators: Patrick + ?)

PM - Set next Meeting

Practical ideas: Students & bikes, Crazy bikes, Trailers, Workshop space, Bike Library, Pedals, Energy Trailer, etc

Review of tasks: prioritisation, importance, timescale, etc

More detailed agendas:

Other cycling groups: Cycle Campaign Network (Local and National), CTC (Local & National), World CarFree Network/Carbusters, Sustrans, Bikes4All, Cyclemagic, Biggles, Rinky Dink, Oxford Cycle Workshop etc... Cooperating & Radicalising.

Other activist groups: Climate Camp, Plane Stupid, Rising Tide, Peace Groups, Animal Rights Cooperating & Bike-ifying.

Community groups Students, Schools. Revisiting past, ideas for future

Companies Trains re: bike spaces, Car Manufacturers, Bus companies, Oil companies, Bike manufacturers, Bike to work schemes. Changing policies, symbolic protests