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Aims and objectives

Aktivix.org aims to provide secure, non-profit means of communication for communities of resistance within the United Kingdom and beyond. Aktivix.org aims to do this through direct democracy, embracing anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, self determination, local autonomy, ecology, and communal economics.

Aktivix.org affirms common cause and solidarity with a broad spectrum of the political left. However, there are some things which we cannot support. We ask that aktivix.org services are not used to advocate any of the following:

  • Support for capitalism, domination, or hierarchy.
  • The idea that class oppression supersedes race or gender oppression.
  • A vanguard strategy for revolution.
  • Population control.
  • Any form of nationalism, including in response to national oppression.
  • Propagation or tolerance of racist or antisemitic content.