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= Business/financial plan =
= Business/financial plan =

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Business/financial plan


Money will be raised through donations. These may be deposited directly into the aktivix bank account, or may be sent by cheque or postal order to one of the core members of the collective who will then deposit it in the bank account. The treasurer or 'aktivix-admins' list should additionally be notified that a donation has been made, and how much, and it will be their responsibility to note this in the accounts.

Aktivix will aim to raise enough money each year to cover monthly hosting costs. Any money raised beyond the annual requirement will be put aside for maintenance of hardware and future expansion.


Monthly costs for bandwidth/colocation amount to approximately £60 ($100 USD). The contribution will be made at intervals such that any administrative fees are minimised.

There may, additionally, be unexpected "one-off" costs associated with hardware-replacement or expansion. For example, the cost of buying a new server for colocation (in conjunction with Tachanka!) may be administered through the aktivix bank account.