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Aktivix welcomes donations.

None of us at aktivix receive any salary for our work, we are all volunteers. However, the bandwidth that the servers need is not freeand the servers do not come for free, either.

We are currently raising money to get an aktivix-dedicated mail server. At the moment we are squatting a community server that is getting seriously overloaded, so if you can spare some dosh we would greatly appreciate it.

Our bank details are:

bank: The Cooperative Bank account no: 65322561 sort code: 08-92-99

If you are in the UK, you can make a transfer to this bank account, or you can send us a cheque made payable to Aktivix, to Aktivix, c/o 56a Crampton St, London SE17 3AE

Friends in North or South America may prefer to donate direct to Mayfirst/PeopleLink, quoting reference number '2001' . If you do this, please also send us an email at aktivix-request AT lists DOT aktivix DOT org; this money gets credited directly against our hosting account.

If you are elsewhere, please send us an email to aktivix-requests@lists.aktivix.org . We will arrange the best way to cut down on bank transfers and commissions on a case by case basis.