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* Ian, Chris, Tabs, James, Imogen and Jack are going to the [http://www.big-green-gathering.com/ BGG]
* Ian, Chris, Tabs, James, Imogen and Jack are going to the [http://www.big-green-gathering.com/ BGG]
* Bicycology benefit gig at RampART (July Critical Mass after party)
* Bicycology benefit gig at RampART (July Critical Mass after party)
* Dan has taken over from Pete as webmaster for the [http://www.bicycology.org.uk/ Bicycology Website]
== Wiki Users ==
== Wiki Users ==

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Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre in November 2005 with 15 original members. There is a Bicycology website at www.bicycology.org.uk.

Latest News

  • Tagline debate is now on Talk page - Talk:Bicycology#Tagline Debate
  • Ian has done some major wiki work and started a discussion about how to continue Talk:Bicycology#Wiki Development
  • We have loads of flyers and A3 posters!
  • Ian, Chris, Tabs, James, Imogen and Jack are going to the BGG
  • Bicycology benefit gig at RampART (July Critical Mass after party)
  • Dan has taken over from Pete as webmaster for the Bicycology Website

Wiki Users

Here are links to the ActiviX User Pages of all the Bicycologists who have contributed to the Bicycology Wiki as of July 26th 2006. People might want to start keeping some stuff specific to them on their own pages. Note, these are general AktiviX user pages so you don' need to restrict yourself to stuff abot Bicycology!

Additional Pages

New improved quick guide to adding additional pages where necessary. Edit this section and add your new page title to the list, following the format of the existing ones. For example, to add a page about cider you would add something like:

* [[Bicycology/Cider]] This is a page about the joys of fermented crushed apples

Once you save your edit then you can just click on the new link and it will take you to a blank page that you can start editing. Don't go mad creating new pages, sections on this page are often all that is needed. Here are the pages that people have already created:

Actions agreed at July Meeting

this should maybe be replaced with minutes (if we have any). Alternatively, I propose just listing actions and the people who are undertaking them, by person maybe... add your own, and if you can remember things people have forgotten they said they'd do, add them too... and update progress if possible...

  • Everybody: Wiki, Wiki, Waa
  • Everybody: Email, Email, Email (remember to put accurate titles on emails)
  • Everybody: don't stress ;-)
  • James - write definition of Bicycology and Intro to guide [done]
  • James - rewrite climate change piece for guide [done]
  • James - make some climate change, bicycology and g8 bike ride display boards
  • James - research insurance [done, but sorted by Patrick]
  • James - reestablish connection with Leeds [done] and become liason [re-connect and cycling action groups contacted]
  • James - collect and collate music for the ride [in progress]
  • James - practice riding a tallbike!
  • Imogen - Make teaser posters [done],Dr bike tags (done) Make more bike specs
  • Imogen - Build Beautiful Bicycle Kit [face paints and ribbon bought]
  • Imogen - collate, illustrate and produce Guide
  • Imogen-Make banners for Dr bike and Beautiful bicycle
  • Ian - obtain climate camp publicity materials for roadshow
  • Ian - obtain Faslane publicity materials and/or do a leaflet for Faslane Bike Blockade
  • Charlotte - research stickers with better eco-cred (struggling)
  • Charlotte - sort out getting tall bike to London (possibilty this weekend - am awaiting a phone call)
  • Charlotte - clarify cycle training insurance (turns out i mis-read, i don't get it automatically)
  • Charlotte - make three 'tool rolls' for Dr Bike to look cool & be organised
  • Charlotte - think more about costumes
  • Charlotte - get posters & postcards to Nottingham (Imogen to send them to me)
  • Charlotte - laminate some posters for ride
  • Charlotte - do Dr Bike page for guide
  • Charlotte - edit manifesto for guide & write 'debrief' for the end - or are James & Im doing this?
  • Charlotte - organise Leicester event(s) & trawl through the Leicester City Council Utterly Pointless Paperwork Mountain

Bicycology Roadshow 2006

Can we update this so its more comphrehensive, ie, what are we booked to do and where, who're the people (our person and the local person), where are we staying, have we got food organised, what are the sleeping arrangements. just so we know...

Current (hopefully final) plan.

  • The tour will be starting at FinFest, on August 13th. Riding from there to reach Amersham by 10pm and camp at Quaker Meeting House (Andrew).
  • Monday, 14th: Aylesbury, for the afternoon. Park?
  • Tuesday, 15th: Cycling to Coventry. Stay at Cov. Peace House. Chris is person
  • Wednesday, 16th: A day in Coventry. Park? Negotiations with Council.
  • Thursday, 17th: Cycling to Leicester/Activities in Leicester. Negs with Council. Stay at ?Charlotte is person.
  • Friday 18th: More Activities in Leicester, then cycling to Nottingham. Stay at Sumac Centre, food.
  • Saturday 19th: A day in Nottingham. rest day. relaxed dr bike poss?
  • Sunday 20th: Cycling to Sheffield. stay at future squat?
  • Monday 21st: A day in Sheffield. Devonshire Green? Council Negs. Paddy is person.
  • Tuesday 22md: Cycling to Leeds. Stay at The Common Place, Food and Floor.
  • Wednesday 23rd: A day in Leeds. 1-3pm 'Little London' north of city centre. James/Paul Chatterton.
  • Thursday 24th: Cycling to Lancaster. Stay at ?
  • Friday 25th: A day in Lancaster.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Cycling to the Climate Action Camp.

We will be cycling one day and stopping in each of the above places (except Aylesbury) the following day, to do workshops, films, BMX competitions, bike polo, parties, etc.

There is still much work to be done, and although there is still a feeling that we don't want to open this up as much as the G8 Bike Ride, we do need more people to get involved, especially if they have skills/interests in any of the above activities.

People Wanted

We're still looking for a few dedicated individuals with particular skills to come along on our roadshow. At the moment, we're looking for people with interests/skills in: street theatre/performance art; bike modification; documentation. Please get in touch if you're interested or want to know more.

We're also looking for people in Aylesbury, Nottingham and Leeds who would like to help organise our stay there.

Who's Riding Who?

can you update this with your lovely spreadsheet, matt? james

There are a number of bikes that will need to be adopted...so some people will have to sacrifice bringing their own beloved stead...

Hopefully we can cahnge around a lot, so we all get to experience diffreent bikes and no one gets stuck on something they're not happy with...but for practical purposes I think we all need to adopt a vehicle so we know where we are.

The 'unusual' bikes are the ones that will need to be sorted first...I've added some names but these are just guidelines...people can add/remove at will...remember, this doesn't mean you'll be riding this all the way, but it does mean you'll be at least ataking some responsibility and probably leaving your own bike at home...we could also work in units, so two people adopt the tall bike and a shared normal bike, for example... Anyway...

Tandem One: Ian/Tim

The tandem Fomerly Known As Tandem Three: (Semi-Recumbent): Chris/Matt - at least part of the time.(If other tandem doesn't exist)

Tall Bike: James.

Other Bikes...

Jack also says: I'm up for riding on one (or both, though not at the same time...) of the tandems with space on them; mainly because I've never ridden on one before. Jack adds : as I can't do the whole tour unless I take my own bike and there is already someone on a tandem I ride, I would have to ride the tandem until someone else joined who could take over from me. (Ben, or charlotte for instance?)

Normal bike: unless we are desperate for tandem/tallbike riders, i'd like to stick with my normal bike please, towing my lovely load carrying trailer which can be filled with art stuff-Imogen.

Normal (touring) bike plus energy trailer: Patrick

Normal bike + trailer (beautiful bicycle one or campaigns/info one) : Charlotte - but i will ride a tandem (and not take my bike) if necessary.

Energy and Film

One of our aims is to make links between cycling and wider environmental issues such as climate change. We're serious about taking responsibility for our own energy needs, and about demonstrating the feasibility of appropriate technology that meets people's needs without compromising the environment. We are developing a Bicycology Energy Trailer which will incorporate different forms of renewable small scale energy production, including a wind turbine, solar panels, and a novel rear axle stand pedal generator that turns a normal bike into a electrical power source. Energy will be stored on the bike trailer in batteries and used to power music and micro-cinema. This way, we'll be able to stop anywhere and show people renewable energy in action. We'll also carry a projector for film shows at venues.

Below is an early prototype showing energy trailer ideas starting to take shape!

Energy trailer.jpg

Feel free to add other energy related ideas here: bubble machine, gameboy, separate children's pedal generator(?), light bulbs (to show difference between low energy and conventional bulbs), funky LED lights for the evening

Hope to add a link here to a list of films, slideshows or other visual material that we can take with us to show.

Bicycological Quizasaurous

Format: Bicycological Study of Personal Relationships with Bike, Climate Chaos Quizasuarous, Dr Bike's surgical examination.


10. What do we need to change in order to avert catastrophic climate chaos? a) our lifestyles b) our culture c) the social structure of capitalism d) the social structure of patriarchy e) the social structure of hierarchy f) all of the above

Prizes: Badges, Posters, Reflective bits and bobs, Patches, BGTBs, Puncture Repair Kits, Cider

Flyer Designs

Pulling Power inspiration



(ok, it's electric assist, and the washing machine isn't pedal powered either, but still...!)