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Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre in November 2005 with 15 original members. There is a Bicycology website at which links to this wiki page.

Latest News

The January Bicycology meeting at Matilda was productive but we reluctantly decided to scale back the duration of the August roadshow from a month to two weeks. There is now a tentative timetable and route which will be posted here in due course.

Here is Imogen's idea for a Bicycology Poster

Bicycology Roadshow 2006

The plan is for a one month tour in August 2006 with about five main stops where we would spend a couple of days doing workshops, films, BMX competitions, bike polo, parties, etc. Possible stops include Sheffield, Hastings, Brighton, Coventry, Leicester, Lancaster, Nottingham, Manchester, Oxford, Edinburgh, Leeds, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bangor, Machynlleth and Glasgow.