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Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre in November 2005 with 15 original members. There is a Bicycology website at

Latest News

Here are the latest flyer designs:

With Mission Statement - 4 per page With Tour Dates - 4 per page

The next Bicycology meeting is in Sheffield on the wekend of May 20th

The new website is up and running.

Bicycology Roadshow 2006

Current (hopefully final) plan.

The tour will be starting at FinFest, on August 13th. From there:

Monday, 14th: Aylesbury, for the afternnon. Tuesday, 15th: Cycling to Coventry. Wednesday, 16th: A day in Coventry. Thursday, 17th: Cycling to Leicester/Activities in Leicester. Friday 18th: More Activities in Leicester, then cycling to Nottingham. Saturday 19th: A day in Nottingham. Sunday 20th: Cycling to Sheffield. Monday 21st: A day in Sheffield. Tuesday 22md: Cycling to Leeds. Wednesday 23rd: A day in Leeds. Thursday 24th: Cycling to Lancaster. Friday 25th: A day in Lancaster. Saturday & Sunday: Cycling to the Climate Action Camp.

We will be cycling one day and stopping in each of the above places (except Northampton) the following day, to do workshops, films, BMX competitions, bike polo, parties, etc. There is still much work to be done, and although there is still a feeling that we don't want to open this up as much as the G8 Bike Ride, we do need more people to get involved, especially if they have skills/interests in any of the above activities.

People Wanted

We're still looking for a few dedicated individuals with particular skills to come along on our roadshow. At the moment, we're looking for people with interests/skills in: street theatre/performance art; bike modification; documentation. Please get in touch if you're interested or want to know more.

We're also looking for people in Aylesbury, Nottingham and Leeds who would like to help organise our stay there.