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Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre in November 2005 with 15 original members. There is also a Bicycology Website.

2007 Tour

At the last meeting, hled at St Matts, we drew up a timeline for the next tour. We agreed that the tour would start the weekend of the 14th, and end on the 29th. We'll be starting in Aylesbury, going on to Bristol, and ending in Exeter. We're still not sure about routes, or even when exactly we'll arrive in the three of our key destination.

Below is a time/place line for bicycologists to work on:

  • 12th Meet in Aylesbury. (thurs)
  • 13th Meet in Aylesbury. (fri)
  • 14th AYLESBURY (sat)
  • 15th AYLESBURY (sun)
  • 16th AYLESBURY - SCHOOLS (mon) Ride to Oxford - Guerilla films?
  • 17th OXFORD (tues)
  • 18th (weds)
  • 19th (thurs)
  • 20th Arrive Bristol - Guerrilla film night
  • 21st BRISTOL (sat)
  • 22nd BRISTOL (sun)
  • 23rd (mon)
  • 24th Yeovil (tues)
  • 25th (Weds)
  • 26th Arrive Exeter (thurs)
  • 27th EXETER (fri)
  • 28th EXETER (sat)
  • 29th :-( (sun)

Things to do

Taken from Minutes from Kebele Meeting 17/03/2007


matt will write letter to send to sam/schools, which will be sent to list to be checked.

Tim to get in touch with trainer just mentored who works at aylesbury college?

Dan to follow up spares from CTC obtained by tabs, and offer to pay.

James to contact Lifecycle

[Kebele to be booked]

Matt to contact Sam about a venue in Aylesbury from Thursday for Friday, and somewhere we can leave stuff.

Dan to continue with website, with help… [done a bite]

Matt and Charlotte to help with general website content [done some stuff]

James to write text for past and future events [done some stuff, see below]

Charlotte to write something inviting people to get involved [done, see below]

Dan to put up heading from the guide

Liz to send Food page

Imogen to try Footprint to get hold of Guide [done]

James to contact Dave Clasby about CTC/CCN coference [done]

Patrick offers to write something about what bicycology needs for Kebele

Charlotte (and dan?) to attend Climate Camp Networking Meeting (report back?)

James to contact Nes about going to Manchester Bike Festival Friday/ Saturday 13th / 14th April [failed]

Paddy to get as many tickets to Big Green as possible

Im to work on flyers if given text (also Liz? V?)

Patrick to take on text for A4 in thirds [done, see below]

James to take on text for A6 [done with matt, see below]

Matt to look at website text and convert to flyer text [done, see below]

Im to get quotes on Big Banners [done]

Charlotte to explore Tripod posters

Paddy to find out when we’d need a flyer to send out through Foye for Climate Resource pack

Someone to set up Wiki page for Flyer text [done]

People to take on different flyers (How to carry things on your bike – Imogen,

Climate Change – Patrick,

Food - (Liz?),

Car Culture - (Chris?),

Basic Bike Maintenance – Charlotte,

Cycle Training etc – Tim [done, see below]

Anarchy Page - Matt to rewrite,

Bike Beautification Page – (Imogen?),

Alternative Energy – Patrick,

Further reading, lists of good organisations / sustainable life - Charlotte and James,

Biofuels? Can Cars really be green? A convenient myth? – Aurora,

Politics and economics – Matt

Imogen will contact Chris about his page and about carrying kids, and if still intending on being involved [done]

and Liz about updating her page [done]

Imogen to look into Severn Print and other possible green printers [done]

Someone to research better stickers (inc. contact Carbusters about theirs)

Charlotte to email list about Tetrapack puncture repair holders [done] (and teach all at next meeting)

Someone to look for better quality/more eco-ethical puncture repair components

Paddy to look into borrowing load-carrying trike

Matt to look into bike-extension load-carrier, and ask if could borrow

Everyone looking into Places needs to source some cover to borrow at venues.

Charlotte to look into TallBike [done]

Charlotte to collate and make list of games she knows (Tim also?) (Wiki page?)

Leftovers from previous minutes

Patrick to make wiki of places we’ve been to?

Paddy to sort space on wiki for sound/music?

Charlotte to look into tent?

Ian to continue looking at route schematic

james to look into clown stuff and work on flyers

patrick to look into text for t-shirts, eco-kareoke, smoothie maker someone to get in touch with ctc

  • Send thank you cards to hosts etc
  • Set up web based calendar of events?
  • Arrange a visit to Tony's place in Wales (work party to help him out, social, relaxation)
  • Start editing video footage [some work done]
  • Update website (Dan) [some work done]
  • Anyone need adding to or removing from mailing list? (Ian) [done]
  • Write up report on Roadshow (collaboratively on wiki) [james has started]
  • Set up more local groups?
  • Compile results of questionaire (Liz?)
  • Build "son of Pedals"


Charlotte & Liz to take on Bristol

Tim, Aurora and V to take on Exeter

Matt happy continuing with Aylesbury

Andrew offered to take on Swindon

James taking on Oxford: Oxford Bike Polo up for a game and guerilla film night Oxford Cycle Workshop up for joining event Cyclox (local cycle campaign group) emailed, no response yet Climate Information & Outreach Network (based in Oxford, emphasis on personal carbon budgets and household emissions) emailed, no reponse yet Roadwitch Project (street reclaiming, 20's plenty campaigning, weird bicycle sculpture spectacles, petrol rehab clinic street performance) emailed, main guy too busy for event but possible further links

Latest News

Diary Dates

  • September 23; Anti-war demo, Manchester. Pedals might be going
  • October 3rd & 6th (Freshers Fair), 17th, 31st, Nov. 14th, 28th; Bicycology Lancaster cycling promotion events
  • October 12-13; Faslane 365 bike action
  • November 4; Climate demo in London, including bike ride, meeting at 10am, Lincoln's Inn Fields
  • November 11-12; Bicycology meeting, Leicester (provisional)
  • April 27th & 28th - Meeting in London. Rampart?
  • June 1st, 2nd & 3rd - Meeting in Lancaster & Community Festival.
  • July 13th - Meet to begin 2007 Tour de Rants

Wiki Users

Here are links to the ActiviX User Pages of all the Bicycologists who have contributed to the Bicycology Wiki as of July 26th 2006. People might want to start keeping some stuff specific to them on their own pages. Note, these are general AktiviX user pages so you don' need to restrict yourself to stuff about Bicycology!

Additional Pages

New improved quick guide to adding additional pages where necessary. Edit this section and add your new page title to the list, following the format of the existing ones. For example, to add a page about cider you would add something like:

* [[Bicycology/Cider]] This is a page about the joys of fermented crushed apples

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Lost and Found

  • Ian is missing a Blackburn pump which formed part of skull and crossbones totem.
  • james is missing his g8ride tshirt (white with no swearing, lots of stains). and probably a lot else.
  • Tiny MC can't find his gold lame jacket

2006 Roadshow media sightings

Energy and Film

One of our aims is to make links between cycling and wider environmental issues such as climate change. We're serious about taking responsibility for our own energy needs, and about demonstrating the feasibility of appropriate technology that meets people's needs without compromising the environment. In partnership with the South East Alternative Science Network, we developed a Bicycology Energy Trailer for our 2006 Roadshow which incorporated different forms of renewable small scale energy production, including a wind turbine, solar panels, and a novel rear axle stand pedal generator that turned a normal bike into a electrical power source. Energy was stored in batteries and used to power music and micro-cinema, the latter using a portable DVD player. This way, we were able to stop anywhere and show people renewable energy in action. We also carried a video projector for film shows at venues.

Below is photo of the energy trailer at FinFest for the start of the 2006 Roadshow


Bicycological Quizasaurous

Format: Bicycological Study of Personal Relationships with Bike, Climate Chaos Quizasuarous, Dr Bike's surgical examination.


10. What do we need to change in order to avert catastrophic climate chaos? a) our lifestyles b) our culture c) the social structure of capitalism d) the social structure of patriarchy e) the social structure of hierarchy f) all of the above

How many puncture repair kits does it take to change an overly oil-dependent and oppressive economic system? 300, 500, 1000? even we don't know!

How many emails does it take to organise an bike-powered revolutionary cell? 542 (27/07/2006) and counting!

Prizes: Badges, Posters, Reflective bits and bobs, Patches, BGTBs, Puncture Repair Kits, Cider

Flyer Designs

The idea is an A4 landscape 3 column double-sided leaflet folded so as to give 6 “pages”, as in the Trapese leaflet we saw in Bristol.

  • [page 1]

BICYCOLOGY the cycle activism and education collective (+ large logo/image)

  • [page 2]

BICYCOLOGY Bicycology is a cycle activism collective offering activities and resources that promote cycling whilst simultaneously making the links with wider environmental and social issues.

WHAT IS BICYCOLOGY? Bicycology is a collective formed in 2005 by cyclists involved in the G8 Bikeride, a London to Scotland ride protesting against the G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Summer 2005 and promoting the alternatives to greed and global destruction. We are a non-hierarchical group run directly by the members using consensus decision making. We have regular organising meetings that rotate around the country. We have no paid staff and are funded purely by fees, donations and occasional grants.

(group picture of some sort?)

  • [page 3]

WHAT DOES BICYCOLOGY DO? We run Bicycology Roadshow events which aim to promote cycling in an inspiring, fun and interactive way, and to get people thinking about wider issues.

A Roadshow event might be a one-off event for an afternoon, for example as part of a community festival, or it may be part of a larger tour, travelling from town to town transporting ourselves and our equipment by bicycle and bike trailers.

A Bicycology Roadshow event may include all or some of the following: - Dr Bike maintenance sessions - Bike art and decoration workshops - Pedal-powered games and music - Displays and information on cycling, transport, climate change, renewable energy and similar topics - Bike games - Demonstrations of tall bikes and other unusual cycles - Film shows and discussions - DJ sessions using “Pedals”, our large mobile soundsystem pulled by a tandem

We can also develop and run other activities on request, such as workshops on building 12 volt soundsystems and pedal generators, cycle maintenance training etc. Many of our members are qualified cycle trainers.

  • [page 4]

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT BICYCOLOGY (need to get quotes from people we have worked with! Tim from Forest Gate Festival? Sam from Lancaster?)

  • [page 5]

BICYCOLOGY IN ACTION (photos and/or drawings?)

  • [page 6]

SUPPORT BICYCOLOGY Contact us (see below) to find out how you could get involved and when our next meeting is.

To support us financially, donations payable to “Bicycology” can be sent to the address given below.

CONTACT BICYCOLOGY Tel. 0845 4589572 (this is Patrick’s no. Is anyone else willing to be a contact?) BICYCOLOGY c/o 29 Gensing Road, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 OHE

Text for Banner/Display about Bicycology

In 2005 most of us cycled from London to Edinburgh (miles) to protest against the G8 and support the environment. This brought the inspiration to create Bicycology and to do the roadshows. Last year we cycled from London to Lancaster (total miles) and this year we are cycling from Aylesbury to Exeter via Bristol (total miles).

Why do we do a Roadshow? Travelling by bike along Britain allows us to meet a lot of different people and discover a lot of new places along the way. By doing so we also hope to show that local holidays, without the use of cars or planes and which are quite economical are possible and actually a lot of fun...and healthy!

What is our message? We want to communicate to as many people as possible how great bikes are and how they symbolise how different political issues that concern all of us can be tackled in creative ways. Environmental degradation, climate change, capitalism, and social justice might seem big things that are too complicated for individuals to think or do something about. But we think that our lives would be better if we did something about them. We don't want to preach to people though, we just want to put across what we think is important and hopefully engage in a dialogue with the people we encounter along the journey. So that all together we can find the best solutions to save the planet and those who live in it.

Why by bike? We cycle because we love bikes! Bikes are fun, cheap, healthy, environmentally responsible, quick...and, apart from walking, they constitute the means of transport that makes you more independent from large corporations and business. You can learn to repair your bike (or ask a friend to help you) and if you treat it well your bike can last for your entire life. This makes it a really cheap means of transport and makes you less dependent than, let's say, cars are from experts to repair and maintain them.

What do we offer in our Roadshow? Alternative energy trailer Bicycle Beautification Dr. Bike Questionnaires Games Information Stall (I don't know if we should explain this or not, as people we'll see it anyway)

Who are we? We are not any kind of expert cyclists or super fit monsters...that's maybe why we always take longer than we think to arrive to places, sometimes riding through the night! That's the cool thing about cycling...everyone can do it and everyone can ride at their own speed...we also have to push our bikes a fair bit!

How do we organise ourselves? We organise ourselves without a boss. We hold meetings in which we all decide together what we want to do, how and why. We always try to arrive to consensus so that everyone agrees and is happy with the decisions we take. This might seem chaotic but it actually works quite well and it's a lot of fun. Meetings are sometimes long but there's always time for jokes and to learn from each other's views and experiences.

Who does what? There are a lot of things that need to be done before and during the roadshow and everyone does what they decide to do. There are always things that are more difficult or boring, in those cases we try to share the tasks so that no one has to do all the boring and difficult things. We think that this is a good way of working because no one imposes on anyone tasks they don't want to do and everyone can contribute with what they know or like to do. We also try to learn from each other by organising, from time to time, skill sharing sessions.

What do we eat? We share all our food and try to buy local, organic, and vegan food with the least amount of packaging. This is because we think this is the most environmental and socially friendly kind of food. When possible we also try to go to the skip before shopping and use as much food as possible from there, so that food doesn't get wasted! And unless we are in a social centre in which people have agreed to cook for us a couple of us rotatively cook for all the others.

How much money do we spend? How do we finance ourselves? (I couldn't think how to put this)

Where do we sleep? We always carry our sleeping bags, mats and tents...sometimes we sleep in social centres, squats or Friend's Meeting Houses...and sometimes in a field...each has its advantages and disadvantages. Sleeping in the countryside is really fun but it is good to have some properly covered nights, even if we sleep on our mats, being protected from the rain is quite handy!But so far we've always found nice people and groups along the way that offer us a field or a place to stay and anything is good for us!...if not we just find a park in which to install our tents!

How do we carry our things? We carry our personal things in our panniers. We try to take as few things as possible as on a bike the most insignificant thing makes a difference! We are limited because we have to carry the things for the roadshow too but it's incredible what you can fit in a pair of panniers. Sometimes we are not very good at deciding what we need and end up carrying more stuff than necessary but it's just a question of practice! The bigger and heavier things are carried in different trailers which we try and share in between all of us.

Text for Website - Past Events - 2006 Tour

Bicycology Tour 2006 for editing

The tour began at London’s RampART St squatted social centre, and after a couple day of preparation, we were off. We hadn’t even got five miles before the Tallbike suffered a puncture. Soon after that, the heavens opened… not a good start! Still, by the time we arrived at Finsbury Park for Finfest, the rain had eased off. We set up, rode the Tallbike around, and played a bit of bike polo.

We left in the afternoon, only a little later than planned, and rode out of London as the sun set. It was getting dark by the time we arrived at the Quaker Meeting House in Amersham, who’d kindly offered to let us camp in their garden. No time to rest though, and in the morning we rode into Aylesbury, for an event in the [Market Square?].

Aylesbury one of six towns in the UK named ‘Cycle Demonstration Towns’ by the Government. This means it is receiving £500,000 a year for 3 years (to be matched by the local council, ie £1.5 million a year) to be spent on promoting cycling, hopefully becoming a beacon of success showing what could be done elsewhere. We were joined by people from the council, handing out information and free reflective snap-bands, while we got the kids drawing on the pavement…

We left Aylesbury late, after a fine takeaway eaten in [?] park, trying out the Tallbike on the skate-park, and chatting to some local kids. It was already getting dark by the time we left, and there were some pretty serious hills on the way to Redfield. Pedals sped off, but was audible in the distance, an inspiring beacon to chase.

By the time we reached our hosts that night - The Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI), we’d ridden 60 miles from London. Many of the Bicycology Collective had stayed at the LILI whilst on the 2005 G8Bikeride. There was one very important difference – we were upgraded from camping in the garden to beds for all in their converted stable. Thanks LILI!

The following day began with stretching. 53 miles and many hours later we arrived in Coventry, where we camped out at the Peace House, where the G8Bikeride had also stayed. The food awaiting hungry cyclists lived up to the promises made by veterans to those who’d been flagging earlier on. And then some… Thankyou Coventry cooks!

The next morning we rode to [x] park, set up, and waited (not for very long) to be inundated by broken bikes and our Doctor Bike’s did their best on at least 38 in less than 5 hours, joined by local bike mechanic Falcon. Unfortunately, a few were beyond our means and time constraints (sorry Agnan, your Red BSO - first in and last out – just couldn’t be done… Sorry Alex with your Gold Viking, hope you got that bottom-bracket sorted…)

There was plenty of room for bike polo, and Bike Beautification got underway under a much-needed shelter.

The day was completed by a very pleasant ride back to the Peace House and an even more pleasant feast (Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! Peace House cooks), before a trek into the centre of town for a bike-powered film-night at the [x]. The main film shown was a documentary [name, hyperlink] on the 2005 London World Naked Bike Ride, which went down pretty well…

Leaving Coventry, 120 miles covered already, and we barely noticed the 30 that took us to Leicester and a total of 150 – our legs adjusting to the routine. We arrived early enough to set up in the courtyard at the entrance to [x] park, and were joined by local specialist-cycle manufacturers ‘Cyclemagic’ – the geniuses behind our Tallbike, amongst other delights. Some wacky races ensued, but sadly the weather took a bit of a turn for the worse, and the day was practically rained off. We huddled under a gazebo, and consoled ourselves with chips.

Pedals took a trip around the centre of town, and Leicester-local Bicycologist Charlottamiles was interviewed on [Radio Leicestershire?]. The collective went back to hers for more fine food, before a quick coupla pints (Cheers! to the barfolks in [x]… We particularly enjoyed hearing a certain Happy Mondays song repeat it’s first half 30 odd times…)

The next day was partly spent in Leicester as well, with a visit to Spinney Hill Park in the morning and another 20 bikes Doctored. Sadly, again, 2 we couldn’t solve – Sahar’s broken frame was a little too much for any Dr. Bike, but we hope Suhel’s green and purple Atomic got the new chain, tyre and seat it needed…

After a quick visit to the fantastic ‘Bikes 4 All’ bike-repair and recycling organisation (which had provided a Bicycologist’s Bike and Trailer), we set off for Nottingham, meeting on the way a family of cyclists who’d heard about us on the radio, hooray! And also getting a bit lost for the first time, boo!…

Another 37-odd miles and we were in Nottingham. Scheduled as a (by now well-deserved) rest day, which we spent at the Sumac Centre – the venue where the Bicycology collective was born. We tried to rest, but there was a lot to do – plenty of bike checking, and Pedal’s new paint job was begun…

The Devil makes work for idle legs, however, and of course the ride of Sheffield had a few hills. Luckily it was pretty beautiful, and there were beers on arrival… Plus we stayed in the pretty impressive squatted gothic mansion Crookesmoor House (student accommodation until weeks before)…

Our day in Sheffield was spent at Devonshire Green, beside the skate park. The rain returned, but there was a good game of Bike Polo. There was more bottom-bracket trouble for the Doctors tho’ (hope you got ‘em sorted in the end, Jason and Hazel). Due to spectacular stupidity, and the Tallbike’s second skate-park, a Bicycologist sustained one fracturedwrist. Luckily, the Bicycology Collective travels with a couple of tandems – who’d want to let broken bones get in the way of a good ride? Total distance covered on leaving Sheffield – 235 miles… Another huge hill to escape, and another beautiful day’s ride to Leeds. (Sadly, the mileage record was a bit neglected after this, so we can’t tell you how far that was…)

Our arrival at The Common Place social centre in Leeds was greeted with cheers, which was nice… There was another fine feast (Thanks Common Cooks!), and a buzzing atmosphere – with last minute preparations being made for the Climate Camp in nearby Selby (our final destination).

The Leeds event was held in Little London’s Oakland Park, by the [x] Community Centre. In a mere two hours, and Doctors dealt with more than 30 bikes – it was chaos, and there were plenty we couldn’t fix - sorry Darian, Jordan, Ramore, and all the others we had to turn away…

The tour now turned toward Lancaster, and a couple of days hard but beautiful riding. We had to set our tents up in torrential rain in [Skipton?], but we woke to sunshine, ready to ride on. Unfortunately one of our number had a little problem with a wheel exploding – check those rims folks! Luckily this happened before we’d travelled 100 metres, and not on one of the many serious hills encountered later that day.

The bloke in the bike-shop warned of a hill to end all hills on our route, but though it got pretty rough, we made it through the Trough of Bowland, a serious contender for most beautiful bit of the ride. Someone obviously agrees, because part of our route is also part of the [Tour of Britain ?]. We travelled it the opposite way, however, and were sadly a few days off seeing the race itself… Another night of camping, in a Bicycologist’s (now ex-) garden. More fine food, this time round a fine fire, celebrating reaching the northernmost-city of the tour...

The day in Lancaster was split into several events, focussed on a day in Market Square, with the by now well-rehearsed Bike Doctoring and Beautification, and assorted Pedal-powered cinema and sound. We were joined by the local cycle-campaign (Pedal-Power?) and (Sustrans? The council?).

Like Aylesbury, Lancaster is also a ‘Cycle Demonstration Town’. It is also a town with its own Bicycology subgroup.

It was the last Friday of the month, so we joined Critical Mass on a ride around the city having a little party on wheels to celebrate the bike and the fact that we’d virtually finished our tour…

In the evening we showed films at the [x]. This featured a wide variety of short films, and sparked plenty of discussion. We stayed that night in the very spacious Quaker Meeting House (thanks), and then it was over, well almost…

Bicycology then made it’s way back down the country toward Leeds, via a different - considerably flatter, but no less beautiful, route. A fair bit of night-riding and one night of unconventional camping later, we arrived at the Climate Camp outside Selby, where we would stay for a week, joined by many other groups who had come together to discuss Climate Change and actions that we can take, both collectively and as individuals. The Camp gained much media-attention, and another is planned for this year.

During the week, Bicycology travelled into Selby to do our thing, attracting Police attention for the first-time (“we didn’t know repairing bikes was an offence, officer”).

See The film Made About Our Event in Selby.

Oh, total distance ridden by this point – a whopping 467 miles… Well, ish…

And that pretty much concludes the story of the 2006 Bicycology Roadshow, except to say that there is so much left out, so many moments of hilarity and joy and triumph (ok, and a little bit of exhaustion and pain!) that to find out what a tour is really like, you’ll have to join or visit us on our next one… We look forward to seeing you…

Pulling Power inspiration



(ok, it's electric assist, and the washing machine isn't pedal powered either, but still...!)