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Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature. By focusing on cycling we aim to persue our vision of a just and sustainable world through a combination of education, entertainment and creative direct action. The collective was formed during a weekend meeting at the Sumac Centre in November 2005 with 15 original members. There is also a Bicycology Website.

Latest Action Points

Older not-yet-completed Action Points and longer term aims/ideas can be found here:

  • Tim to sort a space for next meeting in London 25th-27th March
  • Amy and Cara (and Liz re: tour) to do pre-facilitation for next meeting
  • Webteam to draft webpage and send to the list.
  • Webteam to make a webpage form for people to easily advertise events, to make it easier for people to upload.
  • Dan to replace who we are with blog tab, which will go to a page explaining the blog and linking to it.
  • James to talk to Aurora / send her some info about Aggregator sites that she can take to the Radical Bike Conference as a suggestion for a web resource they might curate regarding bike events.
  • Dan to keep an eye on the info list for any times when Imogen has not answered queries promptly enough.
  • Imogen to get quote for 1000 stickers?
  • Imogen will get a fun email list discussion/doodle going for making a decision about a new sticker and investigate the printing options.
  • Imogen to send email to list re: confirming new leaflets (see below)
  • Everyone has one week to comment on new mechanics flyers to finalise content
  • Tim to arrange a working weekend to fix the Dawes tandem and the Brox and the soundsystem (and maybe the racer tandem too?)
  • Dan and Patrick to see how the first mixer is and buy another if necessary.
  • Dan to spend around 50 quid to get a new Bicycology iPod for films.
  • Patrick to draft lottery funding proposal and send to the list. Dan and James offered to comment on and draft/redraft.
  • All to create entries for the bicycology blog, if and when you feel like it.
  • Imogen to get more details and send to list about Velocypedia Prague.
  • Tim to call Dalbyology organiser to sort out.
  • Tim to send details about Ecotopia Bike Tour to Bicycology list.
  • OJ to contact Katie T. regarding Glastonbury.
  • Charlotte and Patrick to help get a Glastonbury proposal together by Feb 25th (8 tickets).
  • Imogen to forward Patrick & Tim info about pedal power talk request at a Geography film night in London.
  • Dan to let people know about This is Rubbish.
  • Patrick to reimburse Charlotte for space hire in Birmingham.
  • All to contact Ian if they have any friends who edit wikipedia in order to create allies and keep our wikipedia space 'valid'

Latest News





25th-27th Bicycology Meeting number 30 in London









Additional Pages

Anyone know if we can push this into a box like the contents one?

  • Bicycology/Archive A list of things out of date stuff removed from the WIKI. If you spot something out of date, move it to here, and once it's been archived it can be removed totally.
  • Bicycology/BGTB The Bicycology Guide to Bicycology - Drafts for new pages, plus archive of old text (ready for updating)
  • Bicycology/Text All text and artwork for discussion/editing (other than Guide pages) here
  • Bicycology/MaxPunnage Space for sharing/discussing possible names for the 'tourtoise' / any other slogan type debates (ie, the old one)
  • Bicycology/Meetings A Page with a proposed general meeting structure, also dates of meeting and links to previous minutes?
  • Bicycology/Money Budget info, tracking income and expenditure, bank details etc.
Quick guide to adding additional pages where necessary. Edit this section and add your new page title to the list,
following the format of the existing ones. For example, to add a page about cider you would add something like:

* [[Bicycology/Cider]] This is a page about the joys of fermented crushed apples

Once you save your edit then you can just click on the new link and it will take you to a blank page that you can start editing.
Don't go mad creating new pages tho...:

2008 - Routes to Solutions

Bicycology/RTSStuff Links to all the pages for organising Routes to Solutions

2006 - Tour

Wiki Users

Here are links to the ActiviX User Pages of all the Bicycologists who have contributed to the Bicycology Wiki as of July 26th 2006. People might want to start keeping some stuff specific to them on their own pages. Note, these are general AktiviX user pages so you don' need to restrict yourself to stuff about Bicycology!