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Bicycology Activity / Workshop Criteria'

1> In what ways will the activity communicate some or all of the Bicycology ideals?(e.g. climate change issues, environmental issues, the domination of car culture, anarchism, social justice, community building....)

2> How would you best attract people into taking part and publicise the activity? When answering this question think about how the activity appeals to/ may be suited to certain groups of people such as; those who are new to cycling, those who are complacent about environmental issues, those who are knowledge about environmental issues but inactive.

3> Who would you expect your audience/participants to be?

4> What is the ideal location / setup for the activity?

5> What would be the best time during the tourtiose week to run the activity? (this includes time of day if relavent) And why?

6> What resources would you need for the activity • resources we already have:

• resources we need to make / borrow / buy / print, including leaflets, banners, diagrams, handouts:

7> How many Bicycologists does it take to ensure the smooth running of the activity?

8> Run through what the activity would typically entail (you may have to use some amount of imagination/forsight here if this is a new activity)

9>How long will the activity take?