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Bicycology Activity / Workshop Criteria'

1> In what ways will the activity communicate some or all of the Bicycology ideals?(e.g. climate change issues, environmental issues, the domination of car culture, anarchism, social justice, community building....)

2> How would you best attract people into taking part and publicise the activity? When answering this question think about how the activity appeals to/ may be suited to certain groups of people such as; those who are new to cycling, those who are complacent about environmental issues, those who are knowledge about environmental issues but inactive.

3> Who would you expect your audience/participants to be?

4> What is the ideal location / setup for the activity?

5> What would be the best time during the tourtiose week to run the activity? (this includes time of day if relavent) And why?

6> What resources would you need for the activity • resources we already have:

• resources we need to make / borrow / buy / print, including leaflets, banners, diagrams, handouts:

7> How many Bicycologists does it take to ensure the smooth running of the activity?

8> Run through what the activity would typically entail (you may have to use some amount of imagination/forsight here if this is a new activity)

9>How long will the activity take?

[[Children's Bicycology Workshop - Criteria questions answered ]]

1> During the children’s workshops, through singing, reading and art activities the children will be learning about the general concept of climate change and some of the ways in which we can prevent it (e.g. no driving, yes cycling), and also about the fun and adventure of cycling (which will help them to think of cycling as an attractive activity, and so want to do it and so then get use to it and so overcoming one of the barriers to cycling).

2> These workshops will be aimed at children, 5 – 14 year olds, of any background/any amount of experience of cycling, and will only take place either where there is a guaranteed group of children (e.g. a summer club) or in the library if they have a regular events like this.

3> I expect the participants to be children, 5 – 14 year olds, either with parents or brought as part of a group which is already facilitated by adults (e.g. a summer club).

4> The ideal location would be a big, light space, under cover (but could be outside), with a sink nearby, space where we are allowed to make a muddy mess (but which will be cleaned up), and possibly tables (but not essential). Also, a comfy ground big enough for 20 people to sit on together as a group (e.g. a carpet or covered grassy area). ( But could use blankets). A space very close where a few Bicycologists & possibly Pedals can arrive and cycle around, and give the kids a go on the bikes ( e.g. a park, or car park or pedestrian zone)

5> We have decided on Wednesday and Thursday AM (so probably 10am –12 noon).

6> We will need A4 to A1 paper for each participant (can be scrap, just blank on one side), plus a few buckets /washing bowls, mud, water, bike tyres with interesting tred patterns, and 20 plastic bags (preferably including some with nice colours). And 20 copies of the tetra pak wallet/plastic bag streamer guide page to give out. (imogen has some A2 recycled paper rescued from being thrown away by wasteful printers, will this do, if so please remind me nearer the tour to bring it.) 7> We'll need two bicycologists minimum (including myself), but would be nice with a few more.

8> Activities: Read with them an illustrated story about climate change, sustainability and Bicycology, then sing (and act) with them ‘We’re going on a bike ride…’ song, then make pictures using muddy tyres rolled across paper (older children to write verses of the song or poems first, then decorate with muddy tyre tracks), possibly also make plastic bag key chains, then (if possible) some bicycologists arrive nearby and we go out to meet them, listen to music, have a go on the open mic, get a ride on one of the bikes, and generally have a little party (including some cake maybe)…

9> 2 hours max, 1 hour min.