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2007 Tour

Below is a time/place line for bicycologists to work on, agreed at the St Matt's Meeting. It needs updating. Can people please put skeletal details here (there's room for more detail under the places section below):

  • 12th Meet in Aylesbury. (thurs)
  • 13th Meet in Aylesbury. (fri)
  • 14th AYLESBURY (sat)
  • 15th AYLESBURY (sun)
  • 16th AYLESBURY - SCHOOLS (mon) Ride to Oxford - Guerilla films?
  • 17th OXFORD (tues)
  • 18th (weds)
  • 19th (thurs)
  • 20th Arrive Bristol - Guerrilla film night
  • 21st BRISTOL (sat)
  • 22nd BRISTOL (sun)
  • 23rd (mon)
  • 24th Yeovil (tues)
  • 25th (Weds)
  • 26th Arrive Exeter (thurs)
  • 27th EXETER (fri)
  • 28th EXETER (sat)
  • 29th :-( (sun)

Places - People resposible and latest info, etc

Aylesbury: Matt

Latest News: aylesbury has gone missing. it was last seen in the early hours...Read More.

Confirmed Accomodation: the lovely friends have once again done us proud. big up to the george fox massive.

Confirmed Events: saturday, kingsbury square (same place as last year) sunday vale park. sunday evening film night, alfred rose park community centre

Confirmed Food supplies: seven courgettes, four onions and eleventeen thousand bags of seabrooks finest.

Oxford: James

Latest News:

Oxford Bike Polo up for a game and guerilla film night Oxford Cycle Workshop up for joining event Cyclox (local cycle campaign group) emailed, no response yet Climate Information & Outreach Network (based in Oxford, emphasis on personal carbon budgets and household emissions) emailed, no reponse yet Roadwitch Project (street reclaiming, 20's plenty campaigning, weird bicycle sculpture spectacles, petrol rehab clinic street performance) emailed, main guy too busy for event but possible further links

Confirmed Accomodation:

Confirmed Events:

Confirmed Food supplies:

Swindon: Andrew

Latest News:

Confirmed Accomodation:

Confirmed Events: None, plan to be spontaneous!

Confirmed Food supplies:

Bristol: Charlotte & Liz

Latest News:

Confirmed Accomodation: Kebele

Confirmed Events: Sat 21st Castle Park 11am - 4pm, Sun 22nd Eastville Park 12 noon - 6pm, and Kebele - food & film night 6.30pm onwards (films later).

Confirmed Food supplies: Hopefully access to Kebele kitchen (Liz - can you confirm this?). Anne & Liz can lead us to the nice and ethical food shops.


Latest News:

Confirmed Accomodation:

Confirmed Events:

Confirmed Food supplies:

Exeter: Tim, Aurora & V

Latest News: we are going to receive funding from exeter. They'll pay us after the event.

Confirmed Accomodation: we need to find somewhere!we have access to the new town community association for using the kitchen and store things.

Confirmed Events: Friday 27th: 11-4 Event at Goldsmiths Square and Film night in the cafe of the Picture House at 9pm

Saturday 28th: 11-4 event at Belmont Park.

Confirmed Food supplies: Seasons Wholefood shop.

Diary Dates

FORMAT: date / event + place / who is going

  • 9 June / World Naked Bike Ride, London (& Brighton) / Tim
  • 16,18,22 June / Bike Week Stall, Bike Film Night, Bike Polo, CM in Stroud / James, Imogen
  • 20 June / Barton Hill school opening + Green Day, Bicycology Stall, Bike Beautification (Doctor bike?) / Bristol / James
  • 21-24 June / Bicycology stall (with Plane Stupid) at Glastonbury Festival / Paddy (+Patrick?)
  • 29 June / Critical Mass, Pedals II inaugural ride? / London / Ian, Tim?
  • 7 July / Dr Bike and stall, pedal generators at Forest Gate Festival, London / Tim, Patrick, Old John?
  • 7 July / Bicycology stall at Sustrans 30th birthday in Bristol / James, Imogen
  • 13-28 July / Bicycology Tour Aylesbury to Exeter / everyone!
  • 1 - 6 August / Big Green Gathering, Bicycology stall in Transport Solutions tent, “at least one” ticket agreed / Paddy?
  • 11-13 August? / Ride to Climate Camp, “Cross-country critical mass” / Patrick?, James?
  • 14-21 August / Climate Camp, nr Heathrow, Bicycology area and outreach / Tim, Patrick, James?
  • 8-9 September Derby Ecofest - (See Ian's e-mail 17/6/07 - contact organiser if we want to get involved)
  • 11 Sept / Disarm DSEI, London, Bikes not Bombs outreach event, critical mass / Tim, James?
  • End Sept / Faslane, Bikes not Bombs contribution to Faslane 365 finale ? / Tim, James?
  • 19 -24 Sept / No Border Camp, nr Gatwick, Bikes not Borders / Tim, Patrick?
  • 22 Sept / World Car Free Day