Bicycology/Big Green 2009

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Who is bringing what so far...

Tim Mini stand, basic spares, reasonable toolkit, tyres for belts, chains and cables for bike jewelry Who We Are banner

Dan Mini Stand, unreasonable toolkit, tetrapaks

James & Imogen Storm kettle, 1 or two pans, herbs and spices, generation kit( - including stand, battery, car amp, speakers, invertor, projector, gameboy, lights), Handouts for mechanics workshops, Scissors, Knife

Ian Piddles?, tools, nuts and bolts, cable ties etc, about 100 Pedalling for the Planet stickers, boiling ring with regulator

Things that need to be there but we don't know who is bringing yet....

"Who are we?" banner

Aurora's applique banner - aurora?

Leaflets and guide pages

Cooking equipment