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PEOPLE (the most important kit of all!)

Definite: Amy, Andrew, Aurora, Charlotte, Dan, Ian, Imogen, James, Liz, Matt, Paddy, Patrick (may have to leave 26/7) , Tim,

Possible: Verity, Jack, Charlotte II, Chris


Amy - own bike

Andrew - own bike

Aurora - own bike and own trailer

Charlotte - own bike and trailer, or Christiania bike

Dan - own bike/tall bike

Ian, Tim : Pedals and tandem

Imogen - own bike and own trailer

James: Brox (note - using the Brox depends on sorting logistics)

Liz - own bike

Matt - free radical extended bike, or Pete's recumbent. or tall bike

Paddy - tall bike

Patrick - own bike and energy trailer

Other trailers available: Patrick's Mule, Amy's Mule, Bicycology kiddy trailer


Charlotte's tent + 2 (Amy, Tim)

Imy and James's tent

Matt and Aurora's tent

Andrew's tent + 1 (free)

Patrick's tent/bivvy bag

Dan's tent +1 (free)


Tarps - who has any? (green please!)

Maps - who has any OS maps of the route?