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I thought a page for press-releases and information about media contacts etc would be useful. If we don't get on top of this pretty soon there is a danger that no-one will be there for the events we've organized!

Press Release (draft!)

[I'm planning to send this out tuesday or wednesday to Coventry (with details filled in) so comments and changes asap please...]

On August ** a travelling bicycle roadshow is coming to **** with a range of activities and events for cyclists and non-cyclists, young and old. Riding their bikes from London to Lancaster, the group – known as [the] Bicycology [Collective] – are stopping at eight different towns and cities along the way. On *[day and date]* they will be in *[venue]* from *[time]* to *[time]* where they are putting on a roadshow where people can see a range of unusual bikes, including a tall-bike, a reverse-steer bike, two tandems and a high power tandem-towed 12v sound-system called Pedals. Dr Bike will also be there offering free ‘health-checks’ and repairs for anyone who brings their bike along with them. Throughout the day there will be demonstrations of bicycle-polo, trick-bike riding competitions, bike-beautification workshops and an interactive display of alternative electricity technologies, including a pedal powered playstation(is it a playstaion or a game boy?!) (I think it is a game boy - Ian) and solar and wind powered generators. To finish the day off there will be a film show in the evening at **** showing bike and climate-change related films and documentaries (admission free) [including footage of the ride's progress?].

(Bicycology, maybe forget the 'the'))The Bicycology roadshow [replace with Collective] is an independent [not-fpr-profit/volutary?] organization concerned with promoting cycling and raising awareness of the relationship between transport choices and climate change [/awareness of climate change, and the beneficial role that cycling can play? (in reducing emissions?)]. Over 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions – the main contributors to climate change – come from transportation and almost half of that comes from private car use. Despite this, the majority of car journeys are less than 2 miles, a distance that can easily be cycled. So if you want to find out more about how you can make a difference to climate change, or if you just want a free bike-MOT, then come down to **** at **** on **.

James says - I think this is absolutely fine, i've put in a few basic suggestions in square brackets but my only other suggestion is that Dr Bike becomes the first thing mentioned, and more emphasis is placed on the soundsytem and possibly, open-mic opportunities... we could possibly mention the health beneifts of cycling if someone can do this?? ... another possibility is to put in some fake "quotes", ie, Peter Pannier said, Si Bickle said, Dan Tem said... this could be done with the bits on 2 mile car journeys and 20% emissions. also would be nice to do a quote along the lines of "bikes are fun"... "Cycling is not only an important part of a response to the threat of climate chaos, but it's also a healthy way to get around, and fun". is that any good? also maybe something about car culture, roads etc.. (just so they have something to edit out!!) Imogen says: unsure about James' suggestion of inserting the word "collective" it sounds a little pretentious.otherwise all good and very informative.

Ian says - changed the bit about pedals, removed the 1200W figure for power because it is a bit of an exaggeration (bass driver can only handle 400W even though the bass amp is nominally rated at 1900W). Agree that it would be good to say something about what we use Pedals for but can't think how to word it - we use it for lots of things - to entertain, to advertise out presence, for people to dance to, to broadcast our message and to allow others to express themselves to a crowd through poetry, hip hop or just speaking their minds. That is probably too much to say but I thought I would mention everything I could think of.