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Patrick and Aurora are going to write a (or possibly two) meeting structures: for future meetings (and for on tour, daily meetings)

Below is an old version of this, from before the 2006 tour, if it's not useful to Patrick and Aurora, it can go...

plan for july meeting

james moved this here because it doesn't need to be on the main page, but maybe we need it for something sometime...

Monday 10th




Tuesday 11th



Evening 1. Film-The Revolution will not be televised, 6:45, Greenwich (not movable, not essential) Dan

Wednesday 12th



1. Fix new film-tandem and dynamo Hub (movable, essential) Dan, Chris

2. Electrical testing of dynamo Hub (movable essential) Dan, Patrick (can't make it until Thursday!)?

3. Test filming from tandem (movable, essential) Dan, Mat



Thursday 13th

Morning: 1.General gathering of thoughts, equipment...assessing where we're at, and drawing up a timetable for the rest of the week.

Afternoon: 2.Group meeting...hopefully we'll all be there(?)(essential). (People who won't be there: Charlotte)

Evening 1. Charlotte's birthday drinks (not movable, essential) everyone (we can do some music collecting here, if we bring things to party to we want on the ride also) (though charlotte will be v late (midnightish), due to Faslane 365 meeting in Leic (will bring news) but will bring drinks so don't fall asleep, keep pedalling, she'll be there eventually...)

Friday 14th

Morning - Banner and Flag making? Trailer modification. General tat (moveable, non-essential)

Afternoon - Group meeting, part 2 (essential)

Evening - Bike Polo/Ballet practice for forest gate (movable, not absolutely essential) and/or Music and film: sorting play lists, formats? Discussing what visual material we need to find/edit/create from scratch eg. movies/slideshows on climate change, radical history of cycling etc. (movable, essential)

Sat 15th

Morning 1. Forest Gate festival (not movable, definite) Patrick, Dan, Aurora, Matt, Chris, Charlotte, Imogen (Patrick to drive up with van from Hastings early in morning)

Afternoon 1. Forest Gate festival (not movable, definite) Patrick, Dan, Aurora, Matt, Chris, Charlotte, Imogen


Sun 16th

Morning 1. Discussion of what was good/not so good at Forest gate, what needs improving. 2. check over actions to be done prior to BGG/tour, timetable them.