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Patrick and Aurora are going to write a (or possibly two) meeting structures: for future meetings (and for on tour, daily meetings)

Patrick has had a go at both of these. They includes timing guidelines.

Model agenda for general Bicyology weekend meetings


  • Agree agenda and schedule (15 mins)
  • Quick review of action points from previous minutes (30 mins).
    • Record items still to be done, but no extended discussion!
    • If necessary write items on whiteboard for inclusion later in meeting.
  • Ongoing Items (1 hour)
    • Finance (10 mins)
    • Website (20 mins)
    • Media and publicity (20 mins)

LUNCH 1.00 - 2.30


  • Tour planning (4 hours, with breaks for tea, cake and games)
    • Route, venues and events (1 hour)
    • People, bikes and equipment (1 hour)
    • Publicity and printing (1 hour)



  • Other (non-Tour) Events and Activities (1 hour)
  • Review action points and priorities from this meeting (30 mins)
  • Set date/s of next meeting/s (10 mins)

LUNCH 12.00 - 2.00


  • Bike games / working groups

Model agenda for daily on-tour meetings

(Aim for 20-30 minute meeting)

  • Daily co-ordinator calls meeting
  • Play a game
  • Appoint a note-taker
  • Go-round how are we feeling and items for discussion
  • Bikes and equipment issues
  • Money issues
  • Food issues
  • Venue issues
  • Plan for today/tomorrow
  • AOB
  • Agree tomorrows daily co-ordinator
  • Notetaker reads out agreed actions

Previous Meetings

The latest Action Points are on the front page of the wiki Older ones that haven't been done yet are here:

Below is a list of our previous meetings. A link to minutes would be good for each.

  • Coventry Meeting 16th-17th May 2009
  • Northampton Meeting 17th April 2009
  • Hastings Meeting 20th-23rd February 2009
  • Coventry Bike fixing 2009
  • Leicester Meeting November 2008
  • Nottingham Meeting May 2008
  • Hastings Meeting
  • Leicester 8th-10th March 2008
  • Stroud 1-3rd February 2008
  • Rampart 14th-16 December 2007
  • Anglesey

- 2007 Tour -

  • Lancaster

playtime brainstorm

play games with members of the public ride together in spectacular formations ride in nothing but aprons ride blindfolded tandem perform better version of cycle hero and film it move faster next time we ride move faster next time we get ready to ride get more people to ride with us act as facilitators ride bikes in tescos superglue ourselves and blockade bmw bicycology family bike ride – our families – dan's tomorrow park bikes at Dep. of Transport – bike paths plan4 Britain quit jobs and start vegan farm & eat cakes 7 times a day steal b4A bikes --> honalulu choc make key objectives for next year avert planetary disaster stop tour – more localised events bicycology workshop – bikes of dreams tall bike tour commercial release the humble magnificient the bike circus from Manchester join us put U R Driving Climate Chaos pics on net Festival of no car park lock on to police till let it go bike festival somewhere of own 20-seater bicycology conference bike motorway critical mass – M1 adopt left over bike libraries boycott bike factories start massive critical masses chain trashed bike to car factory all ride unicycles – save resources bicycology shin-dig bikes in ground - formations– view from planes Guerrilla bike lanes World's first pedalo critical mass – jump out at city airport (bikes carried on pedalo for this) punch and judy trailer – inflatable airplane to punch invite dude world tour bike caravan for tour trailers out of bamboo build bike out of stick hemp composit bike frame bikes for students not buses bicycology free bike scheme Gov. free bike every city lock selves to bikes – bargaining