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Suggestions for Music

Please put - Title, Artist/Author, Who has it (Format). And any comments:

  • On a Bicycle Made for two (daisy belle) - rick hardy cockney version with dodgy backing track, james has (CD) know of a merle travis version i can get also (CD), also there are nat king cole and bacharach/david versions we should get
  • Rider on the wheel - Nick Drake, James has (CD)
  • Hard Road to Travel - Jimmy Cliff, James has (CD)
  • Bike - Syd Barrett R.I.P - Matt (can get it on mp3 or minidisc.)
  • Bike - David Essex (apparantely. might be awful)
  • bike #2 - parliament/funkadelic (again, apparantely, i've never heard it)
  • bicycle baby, john d loudermilk (")
  • cycling equpiment, billy connolly (")
  • the queen one, it's called bicycle race i think - Matt (can get it on mp3 or minidisc.) I also have the fantastic poster that came with the first pressing of Jazz, the album its on, which is a three Lps long picture of lots of naked women on bikes.
  • I've found some hilarious titles but not the artists - bike crash crazy, bike cops, bike attack, bike dyke attack, bike fight, bikeforce, the bike in the tree, a bike is born, bike love, bike on mission, the bike people, bike pump meets bucket, etc)
  • Fela Kuti - James has best of (2CD)
  • Star Wars theme
  • DJ Rubbish - Matt (can get it on mp3 or minidisc.)
  • Ride of the Valkyries
  • Dolly Parton - 9 to 5, a classic on Brighton CM - Matt - Should be able to get this...if so can get it on mp3 or minidisc.)
  • Dana Lyons - 'Cows with Guns' (high comedy) and 'Willy Says' (kind of optimistic, US, eco-fundamentalist stuff) (Chris iPod)
  • Rancid - Life won't wait (US, Ska/hardcore) (Chris - iPod)
  • Peter Tosh - Equal Rights (very chilled but pretty serious) (Chris - iPod)
  • Alabama 3 - Peace in the Valley ('because tonight we're going to blow it all away'), Bourgeoisie Blues (etc.) (Chris - iPod)
  • Seize The Day - ALive, 2cd live album, especially Club x-Ray (james -CD)
  • how do you ride - slade (james-LP)
  • road to nowhere - talking heads/ the editors (james-both vinyl)
  • round and round - chuck berry/david bowie (james-both vinyl)
  • ride into the sun - velvet underground (james-cd)
  • riders on the storm - the doors (?)

Musical Equipment Kitlist

  • Pedals 12v soundsystem!
  • One second hand iTrip, possibly useless...
  • iPod nano (1GB) - and laptop (possible?) to upload...
  • Two minidiscs...
  • SU10 sampler...