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This is a very draft timetable to help people imagine how things will fit together. It was agreed on as a template at the Leicester meeting.
Start Arriving
Everybody Arrives
Car/Bike race - Anne
Pedal Power teachs level 2 maintenance in Morecambe - someone to go and tell about our events
Community Event (Lancaster or Morecambe)-Matt
Led rides to from morecambe/elsewhere - Dan
Community Event (Morecambe/Lancaster)
Led rides to/from morecambe/elsewhere - advertised as family rides - Dan
AM: Rest/Reflection/Prep Day
PM: Film / Discussion Night at Dukes Cinema
Food Theme Day?
Climate Theme Day?
AM: Workshops
PM: Critical Mass
6PM-? Gregson is now *booked* for a party
AM: Recovery
PM: Ride somewhere - Minitour/Event
More riding?
Tidying Up

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