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The New Bicycology Website

The purpose of this entry on the wiki is so we can try to collectively build a website that reflects our group. I've put a few headings bellow so that everyone can contribute in some way.

I feel It's important to get the website up asap, but also equally important to start with a concept that will and grow with us. We agreed we would discuss this initially until 25th of November (next weekend). I'll then start work in Dec, and I suggest we aim to replace the current site at the very start of January. (sooner if possible)

Old structure (click to view pages we have at the moment)
New structure (click to shape the new site!)
Offers to maintain pages (people offering to maintain content of a part of the site, with help from me if required)
  • Dan: I can manage video parts of the site unless anyone else particualaily wants to
  • Chris: I'd quite like to look after the 'intellectual' links bit - theory, politics and history of the bike sort of stuff, with lots of links to interesting articles and books.
  • Imogen:Dan, please feel free to request any images or type you might need. I will start collecting bicycle images.
  • Patrick: Alternative energy and technology bits. Bureaucratic stuff like constitution and accounts.
Ideas: general notions (three phrases, describing what you want the site to be)
  • Dan: 1. a positive and fun image of how to change your life using bikes 2. a feast of bike related imagery and information 3. a Unique idea for navigation, centered around the bike,
  • Chris: A hub for all things cycleogical, with spokes off to other sites and resources (ahem)
  • Imogen: 1.An up to date on-line record of Bicycology with what we have done in the past archived and what we will do in the future promoted.2.A place which holds our political message and informs others through posting debate and research 3.A great bicycle visual paradise with an exhibition of photos from our tour and links to other bike art.
Ideas: suggestions (ideas/suggestions/concepts/do's/don'ts to be grouped when there are more items)
  • No flash 'intros' (what is the point!)
  • Loads of links to other web content
  • bright and colorful buttons
  • keep the two bicycology colors
  • Get rid of who where what why
  • more images
  • put our guide on there
  • some sort of interactive bit/notice board where anybody can post related comments advertise their stuff
Ideas: site wide Concepts (larger more structured ideas for the site wich we largly(!) agree on)
  • Dan:Update the site fortnightly, and include updated items on a 'news/updates' banner on the main page.
Ideas: visual: (sketches and images of ideas)