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(add a space in front of each line you want to appear in a 'proposed event' box)


TUESDAY 22nd ACOUSTIC PUNK F***IN ROCK 'imadethismistake' all the way from Pensacola, Florida. + P J Shepherd from London. Zine stall from Last Hours. Oh Yeah!. And cakes, tea, coffee. Up the punx! 8pm

WEDNESDAY 23rd FILM NIGHT STEAL THIS FILM 'Steal This Film' is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property and takes account of the prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture: The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån, and the Pirate Party.intellectual property. 7.30pm

THURSDAY 24th Direct Action Casework- Private meeting…7.30pm (?) Contact Ellie via Chris

FRIDAY 25th PUNK ROCK!! CAFE + BAR 8 - 1am Punk DJ, Punk Bar and Punk Food. Benefit for SCUM FEST 2007. Everyone invited to the Punk special!! Soap it up!!

SATURDAY 26th SECONDHAND SALE our third great cheapo sale of books and other secondhand stuff...DONATIONS sought..bring along stuff you want rid off. All £££ goes to the Centre

Black Frog Film Society presents 'DIVA' Stylish Parisian cool so cool thriller from 1981. Beautiful? Relevant? Fantastique!! 7.30pm. Bar til 1am-ish!

SUNDAY 27th AFTERNOON OF BOARD GAMES From Scrabble to Risk!! Starts 3pm

MONDAY 28th BUILDING MEETING proposals for events etc...getting occupied!! 7pm

TUESDAY 29th THE SPANISH LESSON for the very beginners and very committed. People without pen and papers to take notes will be turned away - this is not a social. People will be expected to take some homework too. 7.30pm

WEDNESDAY 30th FILM NIGHT SOUTH PACIFIC STRUGGLES: THE COCONUT REVOLUTION Bougainville struggles against one of the biggest mines in the world. The indigenous population fightback with homemade guns and win.+ FIRST CONTACT Footage of 'first contact' between Papuan peoples and Australian gold miners and their swift intro to Western colonialism 7.30pm



FRIDAY 1st CAFE + BAR 8 - 1am

SATURDAY 2nd SPACE CAFE Showing the crazy ass SUN RA film "Space Is The Place' - Sun Ra, space-age prophet, Pharaonic jester, shaman-philosopher and avant-jazz keyboardist/bandleader--lands his spaceship in Oakland...need we say more?? + Space music. Cheap food and drink. 7.30 til 1pm-ish

SUNDAY 3rd INDYMEDIA TRAINING: History + Introduction, - why it was created. Expansion - first stages. Localisation & decentralisation. How to write a [newswire] article. How to propose a middle column feature. Appropriate sizes and formats for photo, audio and video. IRC for when things go wrong. Basic internet security using Indymedia. If people would like this training on another date, or want more info, can email 3pm -5pm THE TRAP – screening of three one-hour programmes which will explore the concept and definition of freedom, specifically "how a simplistic model of human beings as self-seeking, almost robotic, creatures led to today's idea of freedom. 6pm. To be booked. James c/o Chris

MONDAY 4th BUILDING MEETING proposals for events etc...getting occupied!! 7pm

TUESDAY 5th COURT DATE for us 10am Lambeth County Court, Cleaver Sq, SE11 Tea and Biscuits COURT REPORT for all 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY 6th FILM NIGHT WORK SLOWLY – Radio Alice movie 7.30pm

'THURSDAY 7th INFOSOURPA Meeting 7.30pm Details to follow

FRIDAY 8th CAFE + BAR 8 - 1am

SATURDAY 9th' GOREFEST - Two nasty movies. Details to follow

SUNDAY 10th THE SHACKS FIGHT BACK! THE SHACK DWELLERS MOVEMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA - Talk and Movies on the Shack Dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo. 2pm. Event proposed by Chris in collaboration with Mute Magazine

MONDAY 11th BUILDING MEETING proposals for events etc...getting occupied!! 7pm

(EMPTY DATE) '''''''TUESDAY 12th'

Recycled Market
Jayshree and Preeti spent 3 days in Bangalore's oldest waste market in Shivaji Nagar, where
you can find stolen automobile parts and recycled everythings. There is pride in work here
with the old folks and disdain amongst their progeny who want nothing to do with this 
business. This film is more than a superficial peek into this fascinating labyrinth of 
worthwhile junk.


unless someone else wants to show something

THURSDAY 14st SCUM FEST 2007 Benefit Night Movies etc tba

'(EMPTY DATE) ''''''FRIDAY 15th CAFE + BAR 8 - 1am

SATURDAY 16th Black Frog Cinema presents "TSOTSI" Screening starts at 7.30pm Free popcorn! Oh my! Film synopsis details coming soon......

'(EMPTY DATE) '''''''SUNDAY 17th

'MONDAY 18th BUILDING MEETING proposals for events etc...getting occupied!! 7pm

'(EMPTY DATE) '''''''TUESDAY 19th

WEDNESDAY 20th 'FILM NIGHT movie TBA 7.30pm

   GHOST MICE + PAUL BARIBEAU acoustic punk folk stuff...Benefit for Disarm DESI   7-11pm. Ok so this got fucked up in communication.
   It wasnt agreed at meeting but the people did a flyer for it AND didnt ask us about a cover price..I am now going back and forth with them. 

FRIDAY 22nd CAFE + BAR 8 - 1am

'(EMPTY DATE) '''''''SATURDAY 23rd

DRAFT PROPOSED GUIDELINES for groups doing events

forthcoming...write away comrades... • BOOKING and PUBLICITY • RESPONSIBILITIES • WHAT WE CAN PROVIDE • CONTACTS etc


Flyers for events organised (by people external to the collective) that need to be printed should be sent to blackfrog email at least 2 weeks (10 days??) before event. mark or alex will work out a favourable price and print.

It should be made clear to whoever is organising event that flyers will have to be paid for, and that they are responsible for dishing them out. there's no point printing flyers if the event is in a couple of days

Suggestions for Publicising Events

Places to put leaflets down in. Locally is always better but for certain events it might be worth putting stuff in other areas. For example, a gig is worth advertising in London record stores etc.

  Not everything listed is guaranteed to want your flyer but it’s always about asking nicely. Local shops are often happy to put up posters in their window if it’s a community event. It’s just about asking and establishing a relationship with them.

If you know of other places, then email them to us and we will add to this list

CAMBERWELL SE5 • Rat Records, 348 Camberwell New Rd (has noticeboard for flyers/posters) • Synergy Centre, 220 Farmers Rd • Basic Wholefoods, 49 Denmark Hill (opp where Coldharbour Lane meets it) • Camberwell Library, 17-21 Camberwell Church St has noticeboard (bit tricky) • House Gallery + Café, 70 Camberwell Church St • Tadims Café, 41 Camberwell Church St

PECKHAM • South London Gallery, 65 Peckham Rd has leaflet racks in foyer • Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill St has noticeboard

WALWORTH / ELEPHANT • Cooltans Arts, Unit B, 237 Walworth Rd • Newington Library, 155 Walworth Rd has noticeboard and flyer racks • Fareshares / 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St for posters and flyers • Tlon Books, Ground Floor, E+C Shopping Centre takes posters

BRIXTON • Brixton Wholefoods, 59 Atlantic Rd SW9 takes flyers • Brixton Cycles, 145 Stockwell Rd SW9 flyers/poster • Bookmongers, 439 Coldharbour Lane SW9 flyers • Brixton Library, opp Town Hall, Acre Lane

WHITECHAPEL / STEPNEY • Freedom Books, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St flyers • L.A.R.C, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel E1 • Rampart Social Centre, 15 Rampart St, off Commercial Rd E1 • Womens Library, 25 Oldcastle St, off Whitechapel High St E1 • Dame Colet House, Ben Johnson Rd, Stepney???

CENTRAL LONDON • Bookmarks Bookshop, 1 Bloomsbury Place WC1 • Housmans, 5 Caldeonian Rd, Kings Cross • Rough Trade Records, Neals Yard, Covent Garden • SOAS College, off Malet St, Bloomsbury • U.L.U Union, Malet St, Bloomsbury • Birkbeck College, off Malet St, Bloomsbury • Gays The Word Bookshop, 66 Marchmont St, Bloomsbury • Mary Ward Centre, 42 Queen Sq WC1 • Lots of record shops in Berwick St, Soho worth trying with flyers

LADBROKE GROVE • Rough Trade Records, Talbot Rd, Ladbroke Grove • Intoxica Records, 231 Portobello Rd W11

CAMDEN • All Ages Records, 27a Pratt St, Camden NW1 (Punk record shop)

HACKNEY • Pogo Café, 76 Clarence Rd, E5 • Centreprise, 136 Kingsland High St E8

STROUD GREEN • New Beacon Books, 76 Stroud Green Rd, N4 (Black Writing and Culture)

Publicising on The Internet

You can post your events up at: (post as news and add it into their calendar) (calendar) (calendar) ??? (calendar) (calendar) (calendar) (calendar)

You might have to register yourself on some of these sites.

BLACK FROG email if anyone wants access to blackfrog email to send out publicity you can talk to mark who will give you login/password - or alex has large mailing list (can we integrate this into blackfrog email??) if other people are looking at email we need to work out something so lots of duplicate emailings don't go out.


email details to blackfrog with a note that it should be sent out on the email list.