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New Features

Screenshots of Version 2

  • Hidden nodes and comments are marked as hidden and have the reason for hiding displayed no matter how viewed
  • Admin content (node) and comment pages tabs to access and administer hiddens and reported posts
  • Hidden posts can have:
    • standard reason selected - standard reasons can be set, enabled and disabled from admin page
    • public note - textarea for writing any public note to be displayed with the hidden post (and e-mailed if enabled)
    • private note - textarea for writing any private note that will only be displayed to other users who can un/hide posts
  • Hides are logged using system log
  • The log can be e-mailed (eg. to an e-mail list) item-by-item or in batches, what types of hide/unhide/action to be reported can be selected
  • Adding filtering for automatic hiding
    • filters can be simple text searches for word(s)
    • or perl type regular expressions
    • filters can be actioned immediately and the poster notified
    • or delayed for a period set by admin and hidden after publishing
    • using public private note system public note goes to article (and e-mail if enabled) but there can also be a hidden note about the filter
  • Report for hiding link - user reporting
    • admin page to allow hiding or marking as seen user reported pages. Easily sortable. You can give hide privileges to users without giving other admin privs so someone who is making good reports can be given the easy route into helping admin the site.
  • Hides, reported hides, and checks on reported hides have user information with them.
  • All display creating sections are themeable.
  • 'No-index' meta tags added to hidden pages.
  • Try using node_access instead of unpublishing for nodes This would create a dramatic unnecessary overhead
  • Integrates with spam.module

Notes from the development of Version 2


Notes in code plus:

  • remove HIDDEN: from titles of already nodes/comments - should be handled by _node _comment hooks $op=view
  • check consistent use of objects for forms

To fix?

  • What's the db length for notices, should it be? <<<<< What was this?

Feature requests

Probably not going to be put into the first release of this version, but maybe needed:

  • edit hidden - the ability to edit the hidden reasons (without hiding and rehiding) - issues with user logging now resolved, hidden admin users can set the user hiding others cannot
  • view reported hidden - the ability to view the hidden request. It's being e-mailed and you can see the standard reason in the table, but not implemented a view to see the public and private reasons given from admin.
  • use node and comment modules to better effect - only thing left here is probably edit hidden, put the hidden reason in an edit form - there are comments in the code where to hook this in
  • additional spam module integration - it would be nice to have just one 'report' link and one form. The spam module report form and sumit functions are tied to the contents of the url, this makes it a bit more difficult.
  • be able to comment on hidden nodes. "not being able to is a feature" - ekes

Drupal 6 upgrade

Working notepad for module changes for Drupal 6