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indymedia_cities upgrade?

Use basic install to play with hiddens including comments



  • Add logging (system log - custom log)
  • Add filtering with custom regular expressions
  • Try using node_access instead of unpublishing for nodes
  • Add menu links at admin content and comment pages to access hiddens
  • Hidden reason - serialised drupal variable editable?

Hiddens module development notes


Installation of OG modules. Set up of (initially) YAtW and York Unity group sections of the site. Including themeing?

  • Basic OG module installed
    • access control enabled - analysing the clash with tac
    • test groups created

Modules testing for functionality

  • og_author
    • alter so only some can set a group author/change theme to only show group author if it exists
  • og_calendar
    • it's buggy, fix, check integration into non-'events' node links
  • og_role


  • og_sites

Video / IndyTube / FlashVideo module to be added