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[[Category:IMC York]]

Latest revision as of 23:45, 25 November 2010

(at present this is a DRAFT - if you disagree with something or feel it could be worded better, change it! but please make your changes known)

Indymedia York aims to provide a platform to help co-ordinate, encourage and strengthen grassroots campaigning in and around the York area. It is open to all groups acting on a local level which are progressive, open, and working for a more free and fair society.

IMC York is NOT the place for party political messages, reposted articles from the mainstream media, homophobia, sexism, racism, or any other form of domination and intolerance.

IMC York IS open to community campaigns, environmental groups, peace campaigners, anti-fascist, anti-racist and other progressive groups.

With regard to established groups such as political parties, faith groups, NGOs, and other lobbying groups, news from such groups is welcome if it meets the principles of the IMC; however, this is NOT the place for recruitment or group publicity. A community campaign spearheaded by an established group is welcome; a recruitment drive for that group is not.

We work under the following principles:

  • Non-heirarchy: while tasks may be delegated to individuals as necessary, no person is more "important" than any other.
  • We reject all systems of domination and discrimination.
  • We acknowledge that the struggle for a better world takes many forms. The focus of the York Indymedia collective is on grassroots politics, actions and campaigns.
  • Indymedia York has no ties to political parties or large NGOs.
  • The key to Indymedia is participation; rather than simply provide alternative journalism, we hope to enable campaigners to make and report their own news. Therefore the newswire is run on an open publishing basis, and any person may publish news on their campaigns and upcoming events.