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Here are the minutes for the imc-uk-outreach meeting on Tuesday 17th April, 2007 as taken by lordrich. Lordrich was sat in a room full of D&D geeks fighting spiders at the time, zie appologises if zie missed anything important.

nb. Times are in UTC.

Climate Camp

lordrich - contact ps.and and CC finance about getting bandwidth and funding<br /> lordrich - contact CC workshops about running workshops<br /> Genny - attend Liverpool CC meeting<br /> Ben - look into funding a projector

Big Green

Ben will be running the alt media tent, further discussion needed on what workshops to run.

Schnews Gathering

A few indymedia people are attending as individuals, possibly offer to run something as Indymedia.


Birmingham planning on starting a print newsletter soon, it would be nice to have something similar to take to festivals this summer.

Indymedia for newbies

It would be nice to have leaflets to give to people, esp after workshops, with how to post to Indy, etc. This was not discussed in detail.


<pre> <nowiki> 18:45 <@lordrich> do we need to set an agenda? 18:45 < Genny> agenda? mmmm... 18:45 <@lordrich> Big Green Gathering, Climate Camp, anything else? 18:46 <@lordrich> climate camp gathering this weekend 18:46 <@shiar> does this include print? 18:46 <@shiar> like offline 18:47 <@Gennny> i think outreach should include print 18:48 <@shiar> we're starting a monthly print indy newsletter in brum soon... 18:49 <@lordrich> cool, concentrating on Birmingham topics or more general? 18:49 <@Gennny> all from newswire or other stuff too? 18:49 <@shiar> i guess a bit focusing on brum 18:49 <@shiar> from nw and features 18:50 <@shiar> notts did that a while ago too 18:50 <@Gennny> how are you financing it? will it be a free newssheet 18:50 <@shiar> yes 18:50 <@shiar> we're supposed to do a fundraiser soon 18:51 <@Gennny> excellent, although it's a lot of work to produce something every month 18:51 <@Gennny> you got plenty of helpers? 18:51 <@shiar> yep 18:51 <@shiar> not at all :( 18:51 <@Gennny> i do a quarterly thing and i've only just recovered before it's time to start again :o( 18:52 <@shiar> anyway, i just thought we might want to add that to agenda too 18:52 <@Gennny> yep 18:52 <@shiar> yeah 18:52 <@Gennny> i had an idea about producing some instructions in print for indymedia beginners 18:52 <@Gennny> which could maybe be given to people at outreach things like bgg and climate camp 18:52 <@Gennny> can that go on the agenda? 18:52 <@Gennny> unless they already exist, of course... 18:53 <@shiar> sounds good 18:53 <@shiar> we started working on a similar thing for g8 18:53 <@shiar> i guess it would do for indy in genera; 18:53 <@shiar> general 18:53 <@shiar> 18:54 <@Gennny> great, i'll look at that. 18:54 <@shiar> i don't think it exists 18:55 <@Gennny> i've just found it at the first address 18:58 <@lordrich> There may be some basic docs on docs.indy, but a nice leaflet on "indymedia for newbies" would be nice 18:59 <@Gennny> yeah, that's what i was thinking of 18:59 < skep> Gennny: are you the one who answered the call for volunteers (g8)? 19:00 <@Gennny> something for people to take away after doing a basic "how to" workshop, because if they're anything like me, they'll forget most of what the workshop covered in about ten minutes :o) 19:00 <@Gennny> ah, that would have been my alterego, genny with 2 ns. 19:00 < skep> right 19:01 <@Gennny> but i'm not sure about the dates now... 19:01 <@Gennny> but it might be ok 19:03 <@shiar> so what's the agenda? 19:03 <@shiar> who's facilitating? who's taking notes? 19:03 <@lordrich> I'll take notes 19:04 <@lordrich> For agenda I have: 19:05 <@lordrich> Climate Camp 19:05 <@lordrich> Big Green Gathering 19:05 <@lordrich> Print 19:05 <@lordrich> Indymedia for newbies 19:05 <@lordrich> This weekend 19:05 <@lordrich> anything else? 19:06 <@shiar> what's "this weekend"? 19:07 <@Gennny> That looks good 19:07 <@lordrich> Climate Camp gathering this weekend expect Indymedia to give a report on plans for CC 19:08 <@Gennny> oh yeah, i should put that in my diary. and find out where it is, time etc 19:09 <@shiar> ok 19:11 <@Gennny> so we have an agenda and a note-taker. do we need a facilitator to get going? 19:12 <@lordrich> don't think we really need a facilitator, shall we just start on Climate Camp? 19:12 <@Gennny> yep 19:13 <@shiar> ok 19:13 <@Gennny> has any planning already been done for this? 19:13 <@lordrich> not that I'm aware of, we apparently have a promise of equipment from Bristol Wireless again 19:13 <@lordrich> but I think that's all that's been planned 19:14 <@Gennny> tent? 19:14 <@lordrich> don't know 19:14 <@lordrich> is Ben around? 19:14 <@lordrich> he might know more 19:14 <@Gennny> what do we need, on top of the stuff from Bristol Wireless? 19:14 <@shiar> Ben1? 19:15 <@Gennny> tent, helpers, other equipment, ... 19:16 <@Gennny> loads of maqui's leaflets about last climate camp 19:18 < deano> hello indys 19:19 <@shiar> might be useful to try to outline what indy wants to do there? 19:19 <@Gennny> hi deano 19:19 < deano> hi genny 19:19 <@shiar> like public access computers, screenings etc 19:20 <@lordrich> and workshops? 19:20 <@Gennny> er... have a space where people can report from, and encourage people to do their own reporting? 19:21 < deano> sorry, r we discussing Schnews gathering? 19:21 <@Gennny> yeah 19:21 <@shiar> no climate camp 19:21 <@Gennny> climate camp 19:21 < deano> ok cheers 19:22 <@lordrich> although we might want to add schnews gathering to the agenda 19:22 <@shiar> was just gonna say that 19:22 <@lordrich> The minimum we want at Climate Camp is "have a space where people can report from, and encourage people to do their own reporting? 19:23 <@lordrich> Anything else will surely depend on who's available 19:23 <@lordrich> The screening of videos was nice, but will depend on Mick (or somebody else with video experience) 19:23 < ben> hi 19:23 <@Gennny> i've just remembered, someone from climate camp asked me to discuss something here... hang on... 19:24 <@Gennny> from alexandra... can i just paste the whole lot here? it's quite long 19:24 * ben wonders if he has stumbled in on an outreach meeting 19:24 <@lordrich> ben: yes you have 19:25 * ben wonders if that's good or bad 19:25 <@Gennny> yep, that's where you are 19:26 * ben crumbles quietly about his cold and how disgusting flat coke is then tries to concentrate on contributing something useful 19:26 < deano> hello ben 19:26 < ben> did i miss anything important 19:26 < ben> hi deano 19:27 <@lordrich> Not really, we're just discussing climate camp 19:27 < ben> k 19:27 < deano> the vid screenings were great 19:27 < ben> what's the state of play? what do they want? 19:27 < ben> i notice a very unrealistic quote on indymedia expences at the last climate camp 19:28 < ben> somehow completely failed to include the cost of getting bristol wireless there and the satilite uplink 19:28 <@lordrich> who paid for that? 19:28 < ben> not to mention the fuel for the generator we were meant not to use 19:28 * chrisc if there is g3 access at the location for the next one that might be a cheaper option... 19:29 < ben> i have no idea who paid but i know it cost more than 40 quid 19:29 < ben> i can do g3 now, it's quite practical 19:29 < ben> especially combined with offline publishing 19:30 < ben> or should i say 'offline' batch publishing 19:30 * chrisc nods, if a few peole have g3 phones they could be rotated to try to keep people from hitting their bandwidth limits 19:30 <@lordrich> we'd have to be far more limiting on use for non-indymedia stuff though then 19:30 < ben> price wise, it's capped at a pound a day and the limit on bandwidth isn't too much unless somebody tried watching or uploading video 19:31 < ben> we could make it ALL indymedia ONLY 19:31 < ben> ie. no true web access at all 19:31 <@lordrich> we'd be really unpopular not providing any webaccess at all 19:31 < ben> just local mirror of indymedia plus batch uploading of articles and periodic rsync of the local site 19:32 < ben> Well, it depends on resources. If ps.and are up for supplying satelite and climate camp are up for paying for it, then bandwidth is not an issue 19:33 <@phunkee> lo 19:33 < ben> otherwise, it pretty much has to be indymedia only psuedo internet via GPRS 19:34 <@lordrich> climate camp have money we can access, how much would bandwidth cost? 19:35 < ben> I believe it's something like 250 to setup the satelite for any period, plus transport costs. and that assumes the group are up for coming but I guess they would be. 19:35 -!- HarryH [hhalpin@localhost] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer] 19:35 < ben> I tried emailing them about their plans for the big green but got no reply (that I am aware of, email being as unreliable as it is) 19:36 <@lordrich> We'll need to submit a budget request for bandwidth, but should get 250 19:36 < ben> I've not enquired about they plans for the climate camp 19:36 < ben> first step would be to ask them and ask them what it would cost 19:37 < ben> (and ask them to bring cider) 19:37 < ben> Anyway, what did the climate camp say they actually wanted from indymedia? 19:37 < Genny> i've sent the message to the outreach list - it's arrived on my computer now... 19:38 < Caspar> there's an email on outreach about it 19:38 < ben> Apart from a physical presence at the last camp, I thought indymedia input into the camp was pretty shit 19:39 <@lordrich> yeah, CC would like people doing interviews etc. - or at least training people to do so 19:40 <@lordrich> I think doing workshops would be really useful 19:40 < Caspar> "There are different kinds of projects that we think are needed: 19:40 < Caspar> -documenting camp life apart from the day of action 19:40 < Caspar> -documenting and reporting on the mass action 19:40 < Caspar> -documenting and reporting on affinity group actions. 19:40 < Caspar> -an overall documentary of the camp (similar to Reclaim Power)" 19:40 <@lordrich> I think the documenting of things wasn't too bad last year 19:41 <@lordrich> But we could do much better by doing workshops early on 19:43 < ben> The whole 'no cameras' thing last year was a farce. the fact that reclaim power got produced at all was partly because of some people being 'braver' about ignoring the 'no cameras' thing that some of the tranquility cops were pushing. 19:43 <@lordrich> There's no official policy on cameras yet this year 19:43 < Genny> yeah, well they say they've got a much more camera friendly policy this time 19:43 < Genny> in that email 19:43 <@lordrich> people realise that was a problem 19:43 < ben> cool 19:43 < ben> this is important... 19:43 < ben> "It is basically about improving the links between activist/indy" 19:44 < Genny> "We recognise that most of this is to do with 19:44 < Genny> last year's media policy which discouraged the use of cameras on site. 19:44 < Genny> That policy is going to change this year to be much more welcoming and 19:44 < Genny> encouraging of activist media taking footage and doing documentary 19:44 < Genny> projects 19:44 < Genny> " 19:44 < ben> photographers/videographers/writers and the climate camp media and 19:44 < ben> "networking group; based on lessons learned from last year." 19:45 < ben> So, basically, while last year grassroot media was effectively discouraged, this year it will not be. but... 19:46 < ben> last year, while the alt media was pretty poor in terms of access and direct involvement in the camp as a whole, the mainstream media was pretty good due to the efforts of the camp media group 19:46 <@shiar> should we add st george's day to the agenda? ;) 19:46 < Genny> the welsh dragon thinks not 19:46 < ben> This year, perhaps there can be a happy medium with indymedia people being part of the media group perhaps 19:47 <@lordrich> It'd be nice for somebody this weekend to tlak to the Media Group 19:47 < ben> to ensure that our own (meaning 'the movement') documentation of the camp and actions, gets at least as much priority as the mainstream. 19:47 < ben> Any indy people going to liverpool? 19:48 < Genny> hopefully, i'll get there 19:48 < ben> cool 19:50 < Genny> do we need to talk any more about climate camp? maybe we should move down the agenda before i have to get off this computer 19:50 < ben> I think what is required is a slot in one of the camp wide meetings early on in the camp at which the case is made strongly for each and every workshop being documented either as written notes, audio recording or video if appropriate. Then indymedia provide the tools to allow that to happen, either training, equipement or upload access. 19:50 <@lordrich> that would be cool 19:51 <@lordrich> Are we going to offer workshops? 19:51 <@lordrich> I can email finance about money for bandwidth 19:51 <@lordrich> And email workshops about offering workshops 19:51 < ben> And, when ever a workshops starts, as well as asking who will facilitate, they also ask who is going to take notes and produce documentation of the workshop. 19:51 < ben> lordrich , don't email finance without getting an answer from ps.and first 19:52 <@lordrich> ok, are you in touch with them? 19:52 < ben> not really, google them for an email address 19:52 <@lordrich> ok, will do 19:52 < ben> somebody must have a phone number but I don't know whoi 19:52 < deano> i'm pretty sure maqui is in touch with psand 19:53 < ben> yeap 19:53 < ben> makes sense 19:54 <@lordrich> ok, so move on to discussing Big Green? 19:54 < ben> What kind of workshops would be useful? training types things obviously, audio editting certainly, writting newsreports, uploading, maybe video but probably not 19:54 < ben> done with climate camp? 19:54 < ben> somebody mentioned video screenings 19:54 <@lordrich> basic newswire posting I think is the most important workshop 19:55 < ben> if we want to do that I would like to propose that indymedia spend 400 pounds on a new projector 19:55 <@lordrich> video screenings would be good if we've got people with video experience there 19:55 < deano> showing rushes fresh from the days actions was v inspiring 19:55 < deano> what's with the old? projector? 19:55 < ben> old projector uses almost 200 watts 19:55 < ben> we ran on a genny 19:56 < deano> k 19:56 <@lordrich> Can we borrow one just for Climate Camp? 19:56 < ben> no 19:56 < ben> nobody has one 19:56 <@lordrich> Do we have the finances to buy a new projector? 19:56 < ben> they use less then 20watts! less than a 1/10 of normal projectors 19:57 < ben> well, I'm not sure. I know london has the money for one but London probably doesn't need one 19:57 * Genny wonders if they come with a spare bulb 19:57 < ben> genny, they don't use bulbs 19:57 < Genny> fantastic! 19:57 < ben> they use superbright white LED arrays 19:57 < ben> 10,000 hour life at least 19:57 < ben> no cool down period 19:57 < deano> !! 19:58 <@phunkee> are they bright though 19:58 < ben> no danger of beaking bulb by knocking the unit while it is on 19:58 < ben> phunkee, no they are not as bright as normal projectors. they require good blackout, like you get in a field ;-) 19:58 < Genny> so, ok in august but possibly not in june? 19:59 < ben> Those army maquees are very dark, even in the day 19:59 < Genny> very true 19:59 < ben> hmmm... I'll ask around about funding one. 20:00 < ben> bring it up at the climate camp meeting, perhaps we could go halfs 20:00 < ben> i know the bicyclogy people are interested in getting one 20:00 < ben> (I quite fancy one too) 20:01 <@lordrich> CC might be able to lend a generator if they can find one, but probeably won't pay towards one 20:01 <@lordrich> there's an offer of a cinema at the camp, might be worth talking to them 20:01 < Indybot> [UK Indymedia Newswire] Vanunu Freedom Ride visits Nottingham - The Vanunu Freedom Ride (VFR), cycling from Faslane to London, visited Nottingham on April 16 to raise awareness of the plight of Israeli dissdent Mordechai Vanunu. - 20:01 < ben> lordrich, that would suck. a generator ! 20:01 * ben sighs 20:02 < ben> anyway, change of subject? 20:02 <@lordrich> yeah, move on to Big Green? 20:02 < ben> ok 20:03 <@lordrich> ben, you've been talking to BGG organisers? 20:04 < ben> no, i've talked to campaigns field organisers and taken on runing the alt media tent there 20:05 < Genny> so does indymedia need to communicate with campaigns/bgg separately or is it best for it all to be done via you and the alt media tent? 20:06 < ben> that's upto indymedia. i've got a big marquee, space in the program for workshops, ticket allocation and a place to park my van ;-) 20:07 < deano> did you bring it up in the meet? 20:07 < deano> I've not seen minutes 20:07 < ben> if indymedia wanted to put in a proposal then obviously it can. there are two possible locations - the campaign field or the amare field 20:07 < ben> deano, what meeting? the last one was a no show 20:07 < Genny> heh! I didn't mean set up an alternative tent, but whether you had enough tickets to cover all the alt media people running workshops or whether indymedia should apply for its own allocation if there won't be enough 20:08 < deano> ben: ok, hence no minutes 20:08 < Genny> cos i'm really keen to come along and help but i can't afford £100 or whatever they charge to be big and green these days 20:09 < ben> genny, ticket wise, it depends on how many idey folk want them. i have to fill a whole program of workshops and use tickets as bribes so I will not be giving them to any random indy bod who wants a blag in unless they are commited to running the space. 20:10 < ben> does that make sense? 20:10 < deano> prob I'll be there anyhoo and I'd be up for doing daily workshops on whatever I can confidently do 20:10 < ben> cool 20:10 < deano> it makes sense 20:11 < ben> I wrote a list of possible workshops and people to run them - I can pull it out if people here are interested 20:11 < deano> please 20:11 < ben> but I think it would be more productive to talk specifically about indymedi initially at least 20:12 < Genny> ok, what i was trying to say was that i realise you have a whole prog of workshops to fill and will need tickets for this 20:12 < Genny> think you explained that pretty clearly in your email 20:12 < ben> like, whether there is interest or need to have a specific indymedia info space either as a seperate 'campaign' tent or whether to host indymedia within the alt media marquee I've already got 20:13 < Genny> no, my own feeling is that it would be best to do it all in the one space 20:13 < ben> genny, I'm sure I have enough tickets for all the indy bods who are likely to want to contribute 20:13 < Genny> unless there are loads of people around to run it and with equipment etc 20:14 < ben> i think one good space sounds better than multiple spaces with people and resources spread more thinly 20:14 < Caspar> I'd have liked to have gone to BGG but it's out of my price range and I'm not indy-knowledgable enough to actually help out yet 20:14 < Genny> yeah, definitely 20:14 < ben> I got the name of the space changed to 'be the media' ;-) 20:15 < ben> and somebody is making a big banner 20:15 < ben> so, what does everyone else think? 20:15 <@shiar> that's indymedia slogan innit? ;) 20:15 < ben> (c) indymedia 1999 20:15 <@shiar> hehe 20:16 < ben> so sue me 20:16 <@shiar> i'll raise that at next network meeting ;) 20:17 < Genny> I think that there willegal should be involved! 20:17 < Genny> that should have said... 20:17 < Genny> "legal should be involved" 20:17 < Genny> dunno where the rest came from 20:17 <@shiar> whatssssss 20:17 <@shiar> oopss 20:17 < Genny> it's late 20:18 <@shiar> so what are the workshops on list 20:18 < ben> hold on, i'll see if i can acess them. i am not at home 20:19 < ben> no, i'll have to go home 20:19 < Genny> from your prev. email? 20:19 < Genny> daily practical sessions that 20:19 < Genny> would be producing actually alt media content such as audio recording and 20:19 < Genny> edits from talks being given around site, edited video pieces, written 20:19 < Genny> articles and photos. 20:19 < Genny> ?] 20:19 < ben> i'll be back on in 5 mins 20:22 <@shiar> is that a 5m break? :) 20:34 < Ben1> hello 20:34 < Ben1> back 20:34 < Ben1> home 20:34 < Ben1> need 20:34 < Ben1> to 20:34 < Ben1> pee 20:34 < Ben1> but 20:34 < Ben1> i am 20:34 < Ben1> here 20:36 < Ben1> hi zoe 20:37 < Ben1> this list of workshop ideas has people names so i'd like to take the meeting over to a seperate channel 20:37 < Ben1> those interested, please come to #bgg 20:47 < Genny> back to outreach here, then.... schnews... 20:47 <@shiar> so the schnew alt media gathering is on May 11-13th 2007 20:48 < Genny> yeah, i saw their call-out 20:48 < Genny> has anyone responded yet, do you know? 20:48 <@Tash> me 20:48 <@shiar> i don't think so 20:48 <@shiar> oh 20:48 <@shiar> in a personal capacity like? 20:48 <@shiar> i know a couple of us rea going 20:49 <@Tash> yep, been involved since they started 20:49 <@shiar> ah i c 20:49 <@shiar> would be nice to have a workshop about indy or something 20:49 <@Tash> cja campaingn etc 20:50 <@Tash> i saying sommat about photography, i think 20:50 <@shiar> and maybe do a little screening 20:50 <@Tash> they asked for some stuff to show,, yep 20:51 <@Tash> wietse coming also, me thinks 20:52 <@shiar> so maybe someone can email them and ask what indy could do? 20:53 <@shiar> and then come back to the lists and ask for volunteers? 20:54 < Genny> i think schnews have already posted a call-out to all regions and maybe other lists? 20:55 <@Tash> they have, and were amazed no one got back to them, then ..... 20:55 <@Tash> but think this has changed now 20:56 <@Tash> "A person with the email Kriptick (I don't know if I know him/her), has 20:56 <@Tash> offered to do a workshop on 'direct action photography'" 20:56 <@shiar> he's from imc london i think 20:56 <@shiar> that's good 20:57 <@Tash> don't know he, or his work, but guess i'll find out 20:58 < Genny> he did that great photo from the trident critical mass of a fish on a bicycle :o) 20:59 <@shiar> yes he posts a lot of stuff 21:00 <@shiar> anyway, i guess it would be nice if someone could also do a general intro about indymedia 21:28 < ben> offline? as in an edition of indy offline for distribution at bgg? good idea if so 21:28 <@shiar> so next on the agenda is print, offline and maybe flyers and stickers 21:29 <@shiar> i guess both 21:29 <@shiar> would be nice to have special editions for events like that 21:29 <@shiar> but also in general 21:30 < ben> you mean discussion about offline as a workshop? 21:31 <@shiar> no, to have something to distribute there 21:31 <@shiar> but yeah, maybe use it as example for print workshop 21:31 <@shiar> or newspapers 21:31 < ben> shiar: i guess both 21:31 <@shiar> and work on a one there 21:31 < ben> both what? 21:31 * ben is lost 21:32 <@shiar> both: at bgg and other events and regularly 21:33 < ben> that's three things now 21:33 <@shiar> yep :) 21:33 < ben> ok 21:33 < ben> so stickers/ flyers? 21:33 <@shiar> we're starting a brum offline soon 21:34 * ben wants to see an indymedia 'business' card 21:34 <@shiar> yes, we need flyers/stickers all the time, any idea how that happens? 21:34 <@shiar> hehe 21:35 < ben> somebody designs them 21:35 < ben> somebody gets a quote for printing 21:35 <@Tash> its a mystery innit 21:35 < ben> somebody proposes money gets spent 21:35 <@shiar> are there any old ones left anywhere 21:35 < ben> everyone else ignores the proposal for weeks 21:35 < ben> first person takes that as agreement 21:35 < ben> then tries to extract money 21:36 < ben> - does that sound like the process? 21:36 <@shiar> yeah, sounds familiar 21:37 <@shiar> can we print out more of some old designs? 21:37 <@shiar> hmm money 21:37 <@shiar> and... 21:38 <@shiar> anyidea where i could get the offline template other than docs.indy? 21:38 < ben> might have one 21:38 < ben> hold on 21:38 <@Tash> i had some london imc stickers, from when we had the g8 meet there. i used them in nottm, crossing out london, with a felt pen 21:38 <@Tash> useless eh! 21:38 <@shiar> there was a scribus one 21:39 < ben> need generic agit prop - not region or time specific 21:39 * shiar nods 21:40 < ben> got something here called offline.template 21:40 < ben> not sure what it is 21:40 < ben> should i email it? 21:40 <@shiar> yes pls 21:40 < ben> address 21:40 <@shiar> shiar at 21:40 < ben> k 21:40 <@shiar> ta 21:41 <@shiar> so should we propose printing out some stickers? 21:41 <@shiar> and flyers 21:42 <@shiar> for the events we talked about but also ship some to regions who want some 21:43 * mp thinks to himself that one better be careful with stickers at the BGG, could attract the sticker police unless they're green bla bla stickers 21:43 < ben> offline.template is mir template - sorry can't find correct one 21:43 < ben> must be on old laptop 21:43 <@shiar> no worries 21:43 <@shiar> thnx anyway 21:43 < ben> deano might have it? 21:44 <@shiar> indy stickers didn't really stick anyway ;) 21:44 < ben> sticker too old to stick now 21:45 <@shiar> so anything else (i gotta go soon)? 21:47 < ben> think that's a lot covered. good ideas and areas to work on. 21:47 < ben> maybe we could have a network meeting at the bgg? 21:48 <@mp> sounds like a good plan - but you are likely to hear EXCLUSIVE screamed, since it is around a 100 squid to get in, unless you have an arrangement - which not everyone can get 21:50 < ben> true... kinda... (although everyone could get 'an arrangement' if they were that bothered) 21:50 < ben> but lots of indy bods will be there anyway so it is possible 21:51 * shiar don't think it's a good idea generally to have ntw meeting at big events 21:51 <@shiar> as there are a lot of 'distractions' 21:54 < ben> true... but if we are arranging workshops, why not one about/for the network? 21:55 <@shiar> well isn't really enough, is it, if we're talking about a ntw meeting 21:56 <@shiar> one isn't... 21:56 <@shiar> anyway, you can propose that and see how it goes 21:57 <@shiar> there's the money issue too 21:58 < ben> i can see that it couldn't be a network meeting in the sense of being a decision making body, but it could be a meeting of peoplle from around the network - a useful face2face chance to chat etc 21:58 <@shiar> sure 21:59 <@shiar> what's happening with the mini one btw? 22:00 <@shiar> that's the weekend after the schnews thing innit? 22:01 < ben> thinking of canceling it. we've had to postpone the rampart anniversary due to another similar major event in london. there isn't a specific reason the mini network meeting can't still happen but it means there is less of a motive for people to take the time to come to london unless they fancy going to the autonomous artists event (which sounds pretty good). 22:02 <@shiar> right 22:02 <@shiar> hi ftp 22:03 <@ftp> hi shiar 22:03 <@shiar> nice audio :) 22:05 <@ftp> ty :) 22:06 <@ftp> good interviewees :D 22:07 <@shiar> yep 22:07 <@ftp> I'm hoping to get interviews with detainees soon :) 22:07 <@shiar> wow, that would be great 22:07 <@ftp> yes - I think so 22:08 <@shiar> via phone? 22:08 <@ftp> yes 22:08 <@shiar> cool 22:08 <@ftp> just have to get studio time 22:08 <@shiar> nice one 22:08 <@ftp> is the topic out of date? 22:09 <@ftp> or are we diverting a meeting? 22:09 <@shiar> it's over 22:09 <@ftp> good good </nowiki> </pre>

#BGG Log

<pre> <nowiki>20:57 < ben> Programme daytimes: 20:57 < ben> Campaigns has yoga / selfdefence 9am just to use nice big space, talks 10 / 11.30 / 1 / 2.30 / 4 / 5.30. Talks finish 7. Close midnight. 20:58 < ben> so... 20:58 < Genny> not specifically wales, although we desperately need more people, especially ones who can translate, 20:58 < Genny> if we're going to get it off the ground 20:58 < ben> thats four days I think 20:58 < ben> with six large workshop periods per day 20:59 < Genny> will there be space for people to come in and use computers to post reports? 21:00 < Genny> you still there? 21:01 < ben> in my original 'offline indymedia' proposal, there would have been such facilities and I'd hope to achieve something like that in the alt media tent but I was not planning a 'cyber cafe' type thing. 21:01 < ben> bristol wireless do that 21:02 < shiar> right 21:02 < shiar> so you pretty much got it sorted no? 21:02 < Genny> it would make sense to have indymedia people around to help when people want to try out posting stuff to indymedia 21:02 < ben> i have three suitable laptops 21:02 < ben> which could connect via gprs 21:03 < ben> i also have a 12volt server with a mirror of indy on it (needs updating) 21:03 < ben> so with some techs to make it all work, it should be a practical little indymedia access point 21:03 < shiar> and you probably need a couple more laptops? 21:04 < ben> well, more laptops mean more power 21:04 < shiar> yeah 21:04 < ben> and more people wanting to use them 21:04 < ben> i thought keep it small but high quality use - IE NO EMAIL CHECKERS 21:05 < shiar> do you have a projector and stuff for worshops? 21:05 < ben> one on one training 21:05 < shiar> ah 21:05 < ben> or report uploads 21:05 < ben> imc london has projector 21:06 < ben> i'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of it being a screening space as there are so many cinemas at the big green 21:06 < ben> if we did it, it would need to be different, offer something the others are not 21:06 < ben> otherwise, what's the point? 21:06 < shiar> i meant to show stuff to people if there are loads of them 21:06 < ben> so, i thought perhaps screening content made during the day, like a newsreel or things people might have missed 21:07 < ben> shiar... ah, i see 21:07 < shiar> yep 21:07 < ben> well, 21:07 < ben> yes, possible 21:07 < ben> but got daylight issues to consider 21:07 < ben> it's a white marquee 21:07 < shiar> true 21:07 < shiar> hmm 21:07 < ben> and then there is the power issue to consider 21:08 < ben> but, yes, possible 21:08 < shiar> ok 21:08 < Genny> or the screenings could take place in other spaces perhaps? 21:08 < ben> apparently we can be supplied with blackout curtains and seperate off a room with room space 21:09 < ben> genny, shiar is talking about projections during training rather than showing films 21:09 < shiar> yes 21:09 < Genny> sorry.... yeah, blackout space would be good then 21:09 * shiar nods 21:10 < Genny> ...and that new projector 21:10 < shiar> so what other workshops, if any, are needed? 21:10 < ben> but yes, i think showing films in collaboration of dedicated screening spaces makes more sense than trying to duplicate and compete 21:10 < ben> of/with 21:10 < shiar> that would cool too 21:11 < ben> more workshops.... well, my plan is to recruit at the schnews gathering 21:11 < ben> job done ;-) 21:11 < shiar> sounds like a good plan :) 21:11 < ben> should try to cover all mediums 21:11 < ben> photo 21:11 < ben> vid 21:12 < ben> audio / radio 21:12 < ben> print / leaflets / booklets /newspapers 21:12 < ben> graffiti? 21:12 < ben> street theatre? 21:12 < ben> web 21:12 < ben> other internet / podcasts / rss feeds? 21:13 < shiar> hmm that's too abitious, me think 21:13 < shiar> graffiti and street theatre 21:13 < ben> what else is there? 21:13 < ben> think street theatre is doable 21:13 < ben> think mick fuzz is doing that kind of stuff this year 21:14 < shiar> alt/corp comparision? 21:14 < ben> graffiti, stencils etc also doable, but not sure who 21:14 < shiar> with some practical examples 21:14 < ben> as discussion? yyes 21:14 < shiar> i find that very useful to make people understand what we're on about 21:14 < ben> also, working with the mainstream 21:14 < ben> press releases etc 21:14 < Genny> subvertising 21:14 < ben> YES 21:14 < ben> nice 21:15 < ben> there are some exhibition available I think that could go up in the space 21:15 < ben> (along with the indymedia photo exhibit hopefully) 21:15 * ben hopes somebody is logging this meeting 21:16 < shiar> lordrich is supposed to 21:16 < Genny> i need a 'how to log' workshop. you still there, rich? 21:17 < shiar> subvert: 21:18 < ben> somebody took a load of photos of subverts to the bgg last year, i think we should be able to track them down 21:18 < Genny> Ha! Yeah, those people are from bristol - I've got a contact somewhere 21:18 < ben> cool 21:20 < ben> got somebody who has experience with self publish books (vegetarian guide to london among them) 21:20 * lordrich isn't really paying attention anymore but is still logging 21:21 < ben> ah... arrowfish does stencil stuff, he used to be indymedia person I think 21:21 < ben> hmmm... screen printing? to ambitious? 21:22 < Genny> There's a guy in wales who does kitchen sink type screenprinting workshops 21:22 < Genny> jon plumpton 21:22 < lordrich> Can I suggest a wiki page with all these on for people to sign up to? 21:22 < ben> want to sound him out? 21:22 < ben> lordrich... explain? 21:23 < Genny> yeah, i can ask him - he did something at EF! last year, but i seem to remember that he has an aversion to camping 21:23 < lordrich> well do we really need to discuss all this now, or can we just put up a wiki page? 21:24 < Genny> no, but before I lose it again, the subvertising guy is at 21:24 * shiar nods. this needs a seperate meeting 21:25 < ben> ok, so what is it that we do need to discuss now? 21:25 < Genny> afraid I'm going to go now in any case. look forward to the notes :o) See ya 21:25 < ben> bye 21:25 < shiar> bye 21:25 -!- Genny [vg@localhost] has left #bgg [] 21:26 < shiar> print, offline and maybe flyers and stickers 21:26 < lordrich> I'm going to head off too 21:26 < lordrich> I'll leave IRC running and will post logs in the morning 21:26 < shiar> is you log long enough? 21:27 < shiar> ben: so maybe we should go back #uk ? 21:28 < ben> yeah </nowiki> </pre>