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Bem Vindo ao Wiki do AktiviX

Um link para Quem/O que é aktivix ? gerador de descrićão

The word-arrays which go into the text can be accessed as plaintext files from this page: feel free to suggest new words or removals on the Aktivix:Description page.

Email and Mailing Lists

Aktivix provides email boxes and Mailman Mailing lists for individuals and groups broadly aligned with " Who/what is aktivix ? ".

Email addresses are username(at), mailing lists are listname(at)

Requesting Email and Mailing Lists

Send email clearly stating the name of the mailbox or list required to ( remove the _N0SP4M_ ). Not all names are possible, so be prepared to change.

Service requests are provided on a "Friend of a friend" basis. If you don't know anybody here join the mailing lists and irc channels and introduce yourself. See Aktivix Community for more info

Email boxes and List admins are required to join an announce only list. This enables the workers to provide advance notice of service changes.

[TODO add a T&C paragraph that says something like .. " the aktivix community reserves the right to remove or otherwise alter the service provided to any member who acts in a way that is (or likely to ?) damage the the quality or level of service provided to the community as a whole. For example .. Sending unsolicited commercial email, using excessive amounts of disk, CPU, or bandwidth resources, behaving in ways that are unacceptable to the aktivix community.."]

Services Provision

The aktivix services are provided by volunteers hence it is impossible to provide any guarantees around timescale of implementation or service levels.

Aktivix Community

The AktiviX discussion list, AktiviX-discuss is where lots of stuff is sorted out some people hang out on the #aktivix irc channel on, there is a brief history of how we got here on the AktiviX:History page... For more info see AktiviX and also AktiviX:About. The big event we are working on is AktiviX:AktiviX_II:

AktiviX II

Sheffield, UK, 10-12th September 2004

A weekend for environmental / animal rights / peace / social justice / anti-capitalist campaigners / activists and cultural creatives to get to know GNU/Linux, each other, and to discuss political strategies and actions around Information and Communication Technology

See the AktiviX:AktiviX II page for more info...


Initially the plan is to offer list hosting and personal email addresses. In the future other services could be added, DNS, IRC, web hosting etc... The ambition is to start some sort of commmunity server project. It could take many forms so give your input and help create it on AktiviX:CommunityServer


If all the stuff specifically about AktiviX goes in the AktiviX: namespace then it will leave lots of space for other campaigns and things to use this wiki as a general resource. There is a discussion about licensing models for the Wiki on AktiviX:Copyrights


Email lists for activists are be available from

Application using the Friend of a Friend protocol. Propose in and get a seconder. If there is no dissent it'll be made. (remove the SPAMNO to get a valid email address)

The AktiviX:AUP (acceptable use policy) still needs sorting out... and a list application form will be needed. This can all be documented on a AktiviX:Lists page...


yourname @ email accounts are available, as with the lists, ask on the discussion list or on the irc channel. See the AktiviX:AUP, AktiviX:Email and AktiviX:Help:Mail for more info...


There is now an #aktivix irc channel on the server. For more on howto irc try the IRCHowTo or join using the web interface.

Encryption matters

This site is available via https and it uses a CACert certificate, please install the CACert root certificate if you haven't done so already.


Some AktiviX:Help needs sorting out...

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.


We should probably start a AktiviX:TODO list... and then write something AktiviX:About what the point of this site is and perhaps answer some AktiviX:FAQs...


Where we state the projects where AktiviX people are involved wearing the AktiviX hat...


Other radical tech collectives and the like...