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WHO WE ARE: description of us, contact details, a few choice images
BICYCOLOGY: Our elements
Local groups:
Dr Bike: description and images
The Renewable Energy Trailer:
Bikes: all things bikes:
'm' check:
bike maitinence: tips
Guide to bicycology:
Bicycology Now or the Apocalypse Soon:
Alternative technology and Renewable energy:
Food: mmmm
Bike Art
G8 2005:
Summer tour 2006:
Big green gathering:
Forest gate:
Summer tour:
Bike shops:
Climate change awarness: Climate camp, Rising tide

  • Chris - I'm not keen on the Bicycology part at the moment. Could we organize it with other themes, perhaps 'Practical' (for the bikes and Dr Bike bit), 'Political', 'Ecological', 'Cyclelogical' (including the guide?), and 'Local' and 'National'?
  • Chris - We shouldn't have too much on the bikes bit as there are loads of good sites with maintenance and techie info on bikes. Perhaps just a basic guide and Bicycology's top-tips, plus loads of links to other places?
  • Chris - Can we also NOT have a separate page for links? I personally prefer these to be incorporated into the structure and content of the site, so it links more seamlessly with the rest of the web, rather than having a clear page to separate it off from the 'outside'...