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The Sheffield Hacklab is up and running in the Matilda social centre, see the hacklab photos.

Sheffield Hacklab


At the moment the hacklab is open for hacking stuff each Thursday evening, from 6ish -- come along, join in!

We are also thinking of running a install fest at some point in the future...


See the Sheffield-Hacklab-Meetings page


LTSP Workshop


Sheffield Hacklab

15th September 2005 status

There are 2 Ubuntu + 1 SuSe + 1 dynebolic PCs - giving a total now of 7 PCs ( 6 upstairs + 1 Downstairs )

All the upstairs PCs have a user called matilda .. password matilda on them. Apart from the dynebolic PC which just boots from CD into root.

See Alan's email.

Installing Ubuntu at Sheffield Hack-lab

  1. Do a standard Ubuntu install
  2. Set up a user called "matilda" password "matilda"
  3. after installation log in and use synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic package manager) and enable all the repositories ( ie officially suported, community, restricted, Non-free )
  4. Follow the instructions here
  5. edit /etc/fstab and add       /media/matilda  nfs     defaults        0       0

at the bottom.

To do this open a terminal sudo vim /etc/fstab use the cursor keys to scroll down to the bottom of the file press i to insert type the line above exactly in press the esc key type ':wq' and press enter

Be careful.. your PC may not boot if you incorrectly edit fstab

Email list

There is a sheffield-hacklab email list for organising hacklab stuff.


The Hacklab has been set up with the kit from the G8 Indymedia Lab, some initial ideas were been posted to the g8-sheffield list and there was a hack Sheffield proposal to the Matilda list.

Sheffield Hacklab

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