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These pages relate to video activism in the UK. Specifically, they have been set up to help facilitate a gathering of video activists being held at the rampART (London) 20th - 22nd January. There are also plans to organise a video distribution gathering in Manchester during Febuary - read more here Video activist exchange

This page is a evolving document and like the gathering itself it is a collaborative venture in which all the participants are encouraged to take an active role.

After the event update

The event is now over and this wiki page can become a point of reference for notes taken during the event, contacts details, useful links etc.

Those people who are attended are encourage to put an email address in the participants section so that they can be contacted by people who would like to continue a dialogue on something raised during the gathering and for other collaborations etc.

Thanks to everyone for making it possible.

Doug says...

Following the new technology workshop. Today I attempted to upload an iPod friendly (.m4v) file to Indymedia and discovered it would not accept it. No link to the video was displayed and later that page was removed, after I had uploaded atlanta web design company (.wmv) and (.mp4) versions. The advantage of (.m4v) is that it opens automatically in iTunes and thence to the iPod and can also be run on Quicktime Player. Indy really should embrace new technology if we are to maximise our coverage.

Ben says...

I have added support for the following file types to indymedia uploads: .m4v .3gp .3g2 .h263 The .m4v is actually just ordinary mp4 at a specific size and renamed for itunes benefit as Doug says. Have also sent a list of ideas that came out of the gathering to indymedia ( so hopefully some of those ideas might happen.

Mick says....

Let's start to collect links to good help resources for playing and encoding Video on the internet. VideoHelp

Outline and date

The basic plan is to hold a weekend long event consisting of skill sharing workshops, presentations, private screenings and discussion for and about video activism. At the end of the event there would be a publicly advertised screening and a bit of a knees up social.

Additionally and slightly more ambitious maybe is the idea to produce a DVD showcase of everyones work during the event as a promo and video 'how-to guide' that could be used to raise the profile of radical film making in the UK and encourage more people to have a go.

The gathering will take place on the third weekend of January, starting friday evening and ending sunday afternoon/evening That means it is the Friday 20th - Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd and not the 21st-23rd as stated in the email I sent out.


subject to change - now incorporating sunday changes


evening - 

meet and greet. A chance for everyone to introduce themselves, present their projects and examples of their work. but since we didn't sort out a structure for the weekend online before this date we used the time to try to do that.


9    -  10  BREAKFAST
10  -  11  Introducing ourselves  :  who everyone is, what they want from the gathering, what they offer +  time table changes 
11  -  12  G8 video feedback +  role of a video activist + legal issues + bluring faces howto
12  -  1    good shooting techniques (inc. concept of in camera 'editing' or shooting so you don't need to edit)  
  1  -  2    LUNCH BREAK [note 1pm protest re guantanamo prisions]
  2  -  3    Editing workshop (still needs to be flesh out - perhaps differences between different packages / platforms) 
  3  -  4    Open source (free as in freedom) solutions : Kino, Cinerella
  4  -  5    Keeping it digital 
  5  -  6    New technology / ipod video / mobile phones / RSS
  6  -  7    EVENING MEAL
  8  -  9    Film/project presentations & discussion 
  9  -  10  VJ workshop / demos


 9   -  10  BREAKFAST
10  -  11  open session (see below)
11  -  12  Clearer Channel presentation (incorporating any other screening & distribution ideas/resources)
12  -   1   q&a making a documentary : funding through to screening 
  1  -   2   LUNCH BREAK + SCREENING 'COLLECTIVE DREAMS' [note: two protests/demos happening in London 1pm] 
  2  -   3   Things to do with Flash 
  3  -   4   a) DVD authoring inc. starting to put together a showcase DVD
                b) encoding issues / which codec / what software tools (incorporating how to edit uneditable formats)
  4  -   6   quick turn around editing (using footage from weekends events for quick newsreal for evening screening) 
  5  -   7   open session (see below)
  6  -   7   EVENING MEAL 
  7 pm      public screening plus some VJ'ing
  * the open session can be considered a kind of ask an expert session. for some it will be an opportunity to continue editing the footage from the demos
     or continue putting together a DVD showcase. for others it will be a chance to go more in depth on a previous workshop subject 'one on one' or ask 
     somebody about something that ends up not getting covered in the timetabled workshops. 
     eg. 2D animation, subtitling technologies, editing 'uneditable' formats like DVD, getting better sound 

Workshops / Discussion :

The workshops, discussions and presentations that take place obviously depends on what people have to offer and what people would like to happen. The suggestions prior to the event are listed below and should now be mostly timetabled :

Please add your own offers.

""Practical Workshops""

Flash, including using it as a wrapper for online films, (timetabled)

How to author DVDs, (timetabled)

subtitling technologies (not timetabled but available if requested)

video editing in linux (timetabled)

getting better sound (not timetabled but available if requested)

How to get by using unfamiliar editing software. (timetabled)

quick turn-around editing for the web (timetabled)

how to edit non editable formats such as clips from DVDs (focuses on Mac software solution but applicable on other platforms) (not timetable)

Application of digital media culture: digital video production and distribution across new media networks; PDA, PSP, Ipod, Net, Mobile phones. (aesthetics & encoding) (timetabled)


The european newsreel (not timetabled)

the role of cameras on demos - how video can be used to get protesters both nicked and set free." (timetabled)

whats new... new tech, online tv, HiDef and other advances we should know about eg HD compatibility issues. (timetabled as part of new technology)

Implications and approaches of future media consumption and small screen digital format. (timetabled)

and everyones favorite - screenings, distribution and which codec ;-)

feedback from the g8 video indy experience. (timetabled)

Please suggest and volunteer for workshops.

Some of these sessions would be filmed with the aim of putting together the video how-to guide to include in the DVD showcase.

Presentations and screening schedule

The films being screened during the event itself would be projects which people present are involved in, so that they can obtain constructive comments from other film makers and discuss methodology etc. A schedule of which films should/would be drawn up in advance.

[add your suggestions films here]

(sat evening) rikki's 3 short films: 'shell saro wiwa' - 'milan rai arrest' - 'this is not a protest' offered up for criticism/discussion etc

(sat evening) Rev Will Wright : screen documentary on squatting - Wasteland (15mins)

(sat evening) Balata Film Collective: "Akoub the Challenge", "Birds of Revolution" (total 10 min)

Public Screening

The public screening would be sunday afternoon/evening and consist of a wider selection of radical films chosen by consensus.

Ben suggests - Latitude 36 (english subtitles)

Mika & Kelly suggest - "The Sun doesn't Shine in the Camp"

need to find time to discuss what we screen ASAP and announce some kind of partial programme

Accomodation, food and money

Accommodation and food will be provided at the rampART for the duration. It will be free (donations from those taking part welcome but not compulsory).

Hopefully, some of the unavoidable costs can be covered by asking for donations during the public screening and/or selling the DVD showcase at the end of the event.

Resource at rampART

RampART has a video projector in the hall on the ground floor with seating for aboutt 80 people and total blackout for daytime viewing.

The 1st floor contains a the library and hacklab which will both be used for workshop space (apart from the Hacklab on saturday afternoon as it is advertised as open to the public).

There is a room that is currently a storeroom that could be cleared and used for workshop space. It has no windows and would be a great screening room if a projector is available (must ask deano to book/bring the indymedia projector).

On the top floor the radio studio and recording room would be available if required for audio work.

There are a couple of PC based video editing machines available (one windows, one linux). The linux machine is in the hacklab and the windows machine will be placed in the library for workshops. Perhaps we could set up a mac as well if there is interest. There are some low spec G3 iMacs but these are probably not sufficient for any form of video work so if somebody has a G4 they'd like to bring, that would be great.

Broadband Internet connection is available but occasionally flakey. Will try to ensure it is resolved by the gathering.

Other resources required / offered

Add stuff here.

Can people please bring software to copy and burn? (richarddirecttv)

Indymedia London has loaned their projector and DVD copying tower


[Please add your name / email / skills etc. here.]

The following people originally expressed an interest

1. Ben

Availability: any time is fine. (confirmed)

Software: final cu pro (Mac) / sony vegas (PC) / dvd studio (Mac)

Offering: how to extract and edit DVD

Wanting: to learn more vj'ing stuff. Getting the most from audio

Platform: Mac OSX / Windows / Linux

2. Rikki

Availability: prefer towards end of month (confirmed i think)

Offering: fairly new to this, so don't feel up to formally hosting a session, but would bring ideas to some sessions, and very interested in most of the subjects on offer. my own professional background is in sound technology and music, so may be able to offer help there).

Software: mac based - was using imovie, but just started final cut

Wanting : very very interested in dvd studio pro.

Platform: Mac OSX

3. Richard DirectTV

Availability: Can't do either 13-16 or 27-29 Jan. The 20-22 is fine. (not confirmed that i can remember)

Offering: Not sure what I can offer skills wise if people are experienced filmmakers - but was thinking of maybe something on journalism / writing (voiceovers and stuff). Could contribute or do the "getting better sound", both on location and in editing. Could also do quick turnaround editing.

Wanting: In terms of ones I want to attend - well, just about everything - editing from DVDs, authoring DVDs, subtitling technologies, and Flash, especially. Can I suggest we have something (brief) on HD compatibility issues. "

Platform: PC / Windows

4. Mick Fuzz

Availability: On availability i can't do the weekend of the 21st and the next weekend - i'm supposed to be at home but i might be able to rearrange. (not coming)

Platform : PC Windows

5. Selene

Software: various

Offering: 2D animation.

Platform: Mac OSX

6. Doug

Availability: Will arrive on 21st Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Won't stay overnight. (confirmed i think)

Interests: mainly videoing demos for rapid publication on the internet. Less interested in screenings, except as a member of the audience.

Platform : Mac OSX & Windows XP/98 all networked to Broadband. Currently using Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Quicktime Pro, Nero, ffmpeg and a few other bits and bobs. PC and Mac DVD burners, Toast Titanium on the Mac. Also have Photoshop. Use Sony HC14E camera. Have played around with Mandrake Linux but don't use it much. Have been converting some videos to iPod using PowerDVDripper->ffmpeg->Quicktime Pro.

7. Deano

Availability: not coming

8. Francesco

Availability: I'm free the 7-9th; 14th-15th and the weekend of the 21st. (confirmed)

Software: edit in Final Cut Pro and burn using DVD Pro. I also use PhotoShop and to a limited extent the other Apple graphics programs.

Platform: Mac

9. Elvira

Availability: can only make it if last weekend of feb ie. Not coming

10. Ivy

Availability: am free all weekends apart from the 28th, 29th, 30th. (not confirmed if she is coming)

Offering: i'm new to this but eager to help out/ learn more/ participate in anyway. have access to a SonyPD170 camera and tripod so can film any of the workshops if needed.

11. Shaun

Availability: Would Prefer towards the end of the month but am flexible (confirmed)

Software: My skills are primarily Flash based, I also have excellent working knowledge of photoshop and freehand.

Offering : knowledge of fundamental design (static and motion) principles flash animation, using flash as video wrapper

Wanting: I am extremely interested in learning more about cinematography and video editing which I have had experience with before although this has been limited!!! I'm also looking for like minded people to collaborate on projects with."

Platform: PC or Mac

12. Mike (iconsious)

Availability: running a film jam on the 16th in Brixton so that's out for me. (confirmed but not sure when)

Software: skills wise I'm using: editing: vegas 6, premiere pro 1.5, mediastudio 7 | compositing: after effects | converting: womble MPEG VCR, virtualdub | live VJing: resolume, VJAMM Pro, live cam inputs, MIDI control | distribution: Realmedia encoding + live streaming, quicktime over HTTP (all Windows based) |

Wanting: would love to learn about: flash players ( has a great one) and live flash video streaming; *nix solutions for live & preedited video work. and anything else fun that's going :)"

Platform: PC Windows

13. Charlie -

Availability: dependent on moving home (not coming - gone to Venezuela)

"looks like an excellent idea, count me in! i suggest a workshop about the role of cameras on demos - how video can be used to get protesters both nicked and set free."

14. Ell -

Availability: the only time i could make of the dates suggested are the 21 22 23 jan. (confirmed)

Offering: i can contribute to discussions/workshops on filming, editing, encoding, as well as sharing experiences from working with various indys at various protests over the last few years. -

Wanting: would love to talk with others from video indy network about screenings, and also about feedback from the g8 video indy experience. - also would like to talk about a new project a group of us are working on called, a screenings database, esp in the run up to a proposed video exchanging weekend in manchester that mick zoe myself and hopefully sara are planning, along with a crew in manchester.

notes after meeting by ell: many thanks for all of your feeback during the clearerchannel workshop! my notes from that session are here: (please add any you think i missed) we will be working on each point over the next weeks

i will put my encoding help pages '1 to 1' findings here: please add any findings of your own, just gothrough the encoding help pages and feedback about how clear or unclear you found them

please keep looking at the site and letting us know how we can improve it! contacts for clearerchannel feedback:,,

video topics on clearerchannel (as requested during the meeting): MIGRATION - no boarders, freedom of movement, refugees, travelling IDENTITY - gender, sexuality, age, tribalism, racism POLITICAL OPPRESSION - war, colonialism, globalisation by force, neo-cons, new world order, government ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION - energy cycles, renewables, consumption, no shopping, sustainability, water, climate change, nuclear, deforestation LIFE ISSUES - life patents, gmo's, health, food, animal rights, biotech, nanotech LABOUR - casualisation, trade unions, strikes, no work groups ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIES - trade injustice, International Financial Institutions's , trade injustice FREEDOM OF SPEECH - media, languages / linguistics, information technology INDEPENDENT EXPRESSION - music, art, philosophy, spitiuality, drugs, mental health feedback:

15. Paul -

Availability: I can't make the last weekend of Jan, but the 20th to the 23rd would suit me and possibly the previous weekend also. (confirmed and staying)

Offering: Can talk a bit about Revolt Video Collective and how things are progressing in Ireland in terms of video activism.

I can also share skills. Editing. Avid Xpress Pro, a bit of Photoshop etc, Encoding. Sorenson Squeeze, Cleaner XL, Procoder, Dvd Authoring. Sonic Dvdit Pro, Neo Dvd, Web Distro. Auto Gk (Xvid), RatDVD, Filezilla (ftp client). Could also explain how to bring in vhs and divx video into your timeline. I'll bring my camera and a pc laptop -

Wanting: Just want to meet up with all you interesting folks...I had a great time at the Stirling Eco-Village. I also want to learn a bit about vjing as I'm just starting to explore the different programs at the momment.

Platform: PC or Mac (Mainly PC, also want to learn Linux)

16 sepp - feature documentary filmer and nico - cameraman (needs to know when to come as he is busy) question and answer of how-to make a feature length documentary film

17. Antonoi (not confirmed but should be around on saturday)

Software: Kino, Cinerella and other exotic open source video packages

Platform: Linux

19. fotis (not confirmed as far as i can tell)

offering:some knowledge on text based or still based animation through premiere/ dvd authoring/subtitles/can bring my own pc

software:premiere/after effects/tmpenc/subworkshop


20. Euan Donaldson - (confirmed)

Can offer experience as editor on Avid or Final Cut, could also help film some workshops. Am available, 21st, 22nd(evening only), and 23rd. Would like to screen some work, and discuss how to engage audiances emotionally. Would like to know about supplying content to video phones, and editing on Linux.

21. Rev Will Wright (Worldwide Church of Agnostics) (confirmed)


Offering: lectures and discussion on digital media culture: digital video production and distribution across new media networks; PDA, PSP, Ipod, Net, Mobile phones. Implications and approaches to future media consumption and small screen format. Practical advice on guerilla production and digital video aesthetics.

Will work on bringing VJs to share knowledge (TriggerSet VJs - Peace Not War [Cargo]) and some info on podcasting.

Availability: attending Sat 21st

Hardware: PD150 camera kit and sound equipment

Software: Premiere Pro

Platform: Windows PC

Would like to screen documentary on squatting - Wasteland (15mins)and share potential of digital media revolution. Would like to meet interesting and engaged individuals and groups

22. Janine

Availability: can't make the 21st,its a saturday that i have an important meeting that i need to film. i can do fridays. maybe i can attend just the sunday, sat morning (not confirmed as far as i know)

23. Salsaman

Availability: any Saturday or Sunday is fine. (confirmed for sataurday evening)

Software: I am the main developer of LiVES (

Offering: I can do a presentation/workshop about video editing and VJing with LiVES

Wanting: to spread the word about the software which I develop, and about Free software in general.

Platform: Linux / BSD

24. John (kryptic) (confirmed)

DVD authoring/copying

25. Chris (Hacklab) (confirmed)

Well I guess I'll be there anyway as I look after the hacklab but interested in most stuff particularly vj'ing (complete noob), animation (complete noob) and getting it all to work on freebsd. I'm also interested in developing a project to take selected films to screenings around the country to 'spread the word'. I could arrange something in mid Wales.

Platform: FreeBSD (If anyone wants help building a freebsd desktop talk to me)

26. Liz (confirmed)

Some experience in video activism, on actions, demos, during the ESF and G8, both videoing and editing (familiar with vegas and premiere). Happy to contribute to discussions/workshops however limited my experience is! Very keen to learn more, especially about video editing, vjing, and encoding. Interested in the use of video in crossing language and cultural barriers in activism - how best to get universal messages across using image.

27 & 28. Kelly & Mika (not confirmed from what I know)

Offer: discussing the setting up of balata film collective (in palestine -; empowering ppl to use film as resistance and channel to break isolation. How to enable ppl to make films who've never used a camera or a computer b4.

Wanting: expanding skills, particularly dvd authoring, web distro, sound stuff and everything else.

Availability: Sat 21st + Sun 22nd

Software: primarily used Premiere, some experience with others

Platform: PC or Mac, also interested in learning more on capability of Linux

29. Zoe (confirmed)

Offer: experience of using camera and editing for 7 years. participatory video training, online video portals and research and interview skills. films I've worked on.

wanting: good techie people to work with on consistent, creative basis.

availability: friday evening, saturday morning, some of sunday.

software: avid, subtitle workshop

platform: pc or mac. will try to bring mac g4 powerbook.

-- History --

Orginal proposal email is archived here...