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Some help pages

Playing Video

Having trouble viewing? To download open source codec xvid for the avi's:

Media players: To view .mov files download quicktime media player:

For a good open source media player, VLC:

An open source audio compressor, LAME mp3 compressor:

Making Video

Beginning to end guides to putting video on the internet

Encoding Video

You will find video encoding help pages here:
Making Windows Media Files - at 1 Meg per Minute from Dv avi files here: [[1]]
Making Mpeg1 files using TmpegEncoder here: [[2]]
Making Xvid files using Virtual Dub here: [[3]]
Making DVavi files using Virtual Dub Mod here: [[4]]

A video by RevoltVideo showing you how to encode video to xvid avi is here: [[5]]. Click to stream (watch from the server), right click and 'save to disc' to download.

[[6]] - make good *.mov files using Quick Time Pro

Uploading your video to the web

You can upload your video at screening quality (up to 2 gigs)to There is a video showing you how to do this via an FTP client here: [[7]]

For reports of under 20mb, publish your video to the Indymedia newswire - - either nationally and/or to your local Indymedia. Links to all UK Indymedia projects can be found from the UK site. Look for the 'publish' button and complete the fields (boxes).

Other Help

Ftp Definition

Where to download video making tools and software

A usefull site for downloading all kinds of video related software is which includes encoders, audio tools, media players, subtitlers etc etc