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This is the main page of the Wiki for the aspect of the AktiviX project that brings together political activists and hackers in real-space. The AktiviX gathering is a weekend for environmental / animal rights / peace / social justice campaigners and cultural creatives to get to know GNU/Linux, each other, and to discuss political strategies and actions around Information and Communication Technology. Read more at Aktivix:AktiviX II. The project started in The Basement/LaRC in Lancaster, 2003, and has grown in ambitions to want to become something similar to Mutual Aid, Riseup, Sindominio and Inventati / Autistici.

The following sections include resources that are useful for discussions relevant to AktiviX in the widest sense.

Software, philosophy and the law

  • Aktivix:Copyrights
    • What kind of Copyrights are reserved on the AktiviX Wiki by default?
  • Aktivix:Software Patents
    • What are patents and what kind of damage do they do to software evolution and what kind of constraints do they put on creativity?
  • Groklaw
    • Discussion forum

Free Software as a new "mode of production" for a Global Information Age?

  • Oekonux
    • The Oekonux project considers if the lessons of the Free Software movement can be transposed to other domains of production.