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This page was started with a plug for a collection of free software that runs on MS Windows, that someone involved with aktivix put together, but that is now out-of-date.

A more recently updated collection of such software can be found via http://theopendisc.com/

Previous Text:

As I can not upload the CD cover itself, i am pasting the text:

4Starters 0.0

Using Free and Open Source software is a step towards a fairer world.

This CD and the software contained in it is ideal to get started in the world of Free Systems. It is thought for Window$ users who are interested in Free and Open Source Software but are not quite prepared to scrap their current operating system. Hence the name '4Starters'. The programs offered within 4Starters run on Window$ 95 onwards without interfering with the rest of the system, so they are a good way to start your way into the Free Software users community.

Copy, distribute, update me!!!

The content of this CD is 100% free: you can copy it, distribute it and make it available to every one, as long as you keep this note (for more details see the specific licenses of each program).

4Starters 0.0 contains:

  • Open office, OOo1.1.2. almost equivalent to M$ Office. With text, spreadsheet and presentation processor
  • Audacity: audacity1.1.2, multitrack audio editor
  • Gnu Image Manipulation Program: GIMP2.0.3, equivalent to Photoshop
  • firefox 1.0, web browser
  • mozilla-win 1.7.3, package with web browser, email client, chat client and web page maker
  • gaim 0.81, equivalent to msn, or yahoo messenger, supports both protocols and more
  • filezilla 2.2.8, ftp client
  • eMule 0.44, client for file sharing, irc, uploading...
  • infranview 392, to quickly view pictures and text files (unlike others even thought zero cost this proprietary: not free as in freedom; closed source)
  • 7z 313(program to open zip files),
  • xchat 2.0.9, chat client
  • clamwin 0.35.2, antivirus.
  • VideoLan 0.7.2, mp3 and video files viewer

There is a Readme text file with a few explanations. It should be quite straight forward but, should you find any difficulty, you can email starters@riseup.net and we will try to help you or re-direct you to some one who can.


Also see similar project at: http://theopencd.org/