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???where wil it be??

Call Out


There are no fliers yet - nothing has been decided! get involved...

So far there is only a loose proposal

AktiviX III - Another System is Possible! Reboot NOW!

A weekend for humans beings who demand ownership over their technology, their social life and their future

Free Software is an alternative to the products of other proprietary software corporations who do not share their code in a collaborative community or creative commons. Once a plaything for geeks, GNU/Linux is now an impressive, stable, secure, virus-free and versatile operating system.

AktiviX is a chance to try installing, running, and securing a GNU/Linux system, to share experiences and enthusiasm with other activists and hackers, and make plans for the future.

And much much more! :)

Whatever the level of ability, confidence or experience with computers all activists, grass-roots groups, social workers, and others who are interested in moving to Free software for a Free Culture are welcome.

There will also be a meeting about an AktiviX:CommunityServer project. The vision is to take control of informational flows through community building. People are encouraged to discuss participation in this collaborative effort with their local collectives and friends, -bring ideas and experiences!

Themes, topics and practice

At AktiviX II there will be sessions on...

See the Mediawiki tables help page for constructing the timetables!

Join the #aktivix irc channel here: http://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=aktivix


Coming to AktiviX III

So you're coming ! Cool!

Add youself to the Coming To Aktivix III page

Access and Childcare

The space that is being considered has level access.

What are we going to do about childcare?

Perhaps people with any special needs should put their requirements on a wiki page or send an email to the organisers about it?






Any money?