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The framework:

Aktivix is a (a) (b) of (c) (d) who (e) to (f) (g) to (h) in a (i) (j) manner.

currently, the list of words that can be chosen to go into each gap are as follows: - feel free to add more words or remove/comment on existing ones!

(a) non-hierarchical, transparent, consensus-based, open, donation-funded

(b) group, community, co-operative, collective, bunch, assortment, body, gathering, posse, crew, gang, band, flock, herd, cloud, crowd, network

(c) sweaty, friendly, crusty, geeky, fluffy, grubby, tired, sartorially challenged, pink and silver, variously coiffured

(d) techies, activists, hacktivists, hackers

(e) hope, try, attempt, wish, desire

(f) enable, encourage, empower, support, facilitate

(g) other activists, computer-users, community-groups, collectives

(h) communicate, use technology, use free software, network, campaign, disturb, disrupt, distort, agitate, subvert, challenge authority, organise

(i) entirely, completely, mostly, fluffily, friendly and, open and

(j) co-operative, non-hierarchical, collaborative, sustainable, socially responsible, environmentally responsible